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– King’s Cross railway station in London, Newcastle and a winner.

– The Reader’s Digest and fast healthy food in 30 minutes or less.

– Matthew Fort, Heston Blumenthal, the Fat Duck closed restaurant in Bray, the UK, and the food poisoning scare.

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Wednesday March 24, 2010


Icecreams, a pizza or Thanksgiving. Saint Lucy, the Sicilian “cuccia” or the “farinata”



Vanilla icecream, Vanilla Toffee Crunch and Chunky Monkey

Vanilla Bean, Strawberries & Cream, Double Chocolate, Mango & Passion Fruit Madness, Lemon Meringue, Cappuccino and Sticky Toffee Fudge

Mango & Banana Smoothie, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie, Frozen Yogurt, Cappuccino and Chocolate Icecream. Do you like Cream O’Galloway Made Fair Frozen Yogurt?

Music. A playlist of mine.

Frozen yogurt and milk. Strawberry frozen yogurt and Reader’s Digest. Milk, Windy Wendy, Spotty Sue, Phlegmy Phil and Chubby Charlie, but also frozen joghurt, Jane Clarke and the Observer.

Ice creams. Do you like ice creams? And how? Which flavours? Let’s try the icecream with white chocolate or almonds… And food with rice? Ice cream makers.

A pizza. Saint Lucy’s Day, Sweden and Sicily. Seafood-stuffed flounder and a pizza from Palermo.

Fish, pumpkin and squids. Squid and chicken in Pueblan green pumpkin seed sauce. Squids, tourism and Terengganu in Malaysia.

Thanksgiving – 29.11.09 Thanksgiving leftovers and avocado turkey wraps after this national holiday day. Or the table before – and preparing – it. Thanksgiving menu and over-stuffed onions as an appetizer. And, furthermore, as I am Italian, I would ask to all of you from America when, ehm, Thanksgiving is…

04.11.09 – Apples. Is it true that apples stave off Alzheimer’s disease, protect against colon cancer and prevent high blood pressure? Recipes with them…

Butter, Texas and turkey burgers. Texas burgers and photos… Do you like turkey burgers, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables?

Cheese and more. How do you cook them? Fried turkey, butter and cheese on the potatoes and butter on the mixed veggies? Too “fat” recipe?

Spicy Beans with Turkey Sausage

Cuccia. I thought to share with you a traditional Sicilian plate, the “cuccia” that is eaten on December, 13. I found this website in English that publishes a recipe – or a second and third one. How to make cuccia is also explained in another page or even this one from a religious point of view. If you like to try it, you can also log on this yellow-coloured page. I will ask my mother if I should add anything – a comment or anything else – about the recipes and these pages. Besides, here there is a website of Faith Willinger, who should be a journalist who deals with food. Food in general.

In Liguria, Piedmont and Tuscany and olive oil. Chickpea flour and olive oil – or even onions and black pepper or sage – and… you can cook the farinata almost as in Liguria, Piedmont and Tuscany… And, besides, is it called a pancake or a cake? Please also be aware how “biblioteca comunale” and “farinata” are written and how your “merenda” tastes…

Opera, an European browser, and Mozilla, Linux and Apple

Spreadthesign, the sign language dictionary. European Commission – Education & Training

– Spreadthesign and a teacher learning how to cook

– How to butcher a whole lamb. A video by the Guardian with Julie Powell, “author of Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat and Obsession”. Furthermore, an album of mine about this newspaper, events and more.


Friday December 12, 2008

updated on Monday February 22, 2010

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