L’Afghanistan, Matteo Miotto e Luca Sanna. L’11 settembre, New York e Copenhagen

National Civil War Museum (2000) – Moment of M...

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Il Veneto, la provincia di Vicenza e Thiene

Per motivi molto comprensibili non è stato al centro della cronaca. Da ricordare, comunque, Luca Sanna di Oristano, deceduto in Afghanistan.

31.12.10 È deceduto in Afghanistan, in Gulistan, il militare Vincenzo Miotto di Thiene, in provincia di Vicenza. O forse si chiamava Matteo Miotto.

11.09.10 – Terry Jones, NY, la Danimarca e l’Afghanistan. Speriamo che la “trovata” del pastore di Gainesville, Terry Jones, non ci faccia trascorrere un anniversario dell’undici settembre molto negativo. Mi auguro che non decida di bruciare il Corano. Già ci sono stati un presunto kamikaze a Copenhagen ed un morto in Afghanistan. E chissà come è avvenuta la commemorazione a New York.

11 settembre ’10 –aggiornato giovedì 20 gennaio ’11

Clegg, Cameron and Italy

David Cameron Prime Minister and Adil Ray’s Mr Kahn (video below).

And do you listen to the BBC Asian Network or to 6 Music? Here there are a playlist about the first radio station and a playlist about the second one.

Save the BBC Asian Network!

Trust has received 1000 complaints to keep Asian Network open. This is ridiculous. The station is key to the Asian music scene.  Seems apathy has reared it’s ugly head in regards to Save BBC Asian Network. Come on everyone, we can do better than 1000 complaints. EMAIL srconsultation@bbc.co.uk NOW to Save BBC Asian Network. Just be honest. Keep it simple or state your reasons for not closing it down.

General elections, Clegg and Cameron. Saint George and David Cameron. Mr Kahn and the political leaders Gordon Brown, Nick Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Nick Clegg. I have read an article by Toby Helm, Anushka Asthana and the Observer about Nick Clegg and the general elections in the UK and I have learnt the use of words like boost and surge.

Mr Khan, Nick Clegg and his Muslim roots. Do you listen to BBC Asian Network? A playlist about this radio station here.

Internet. My profiles in I Like, Bebo, Friendfeed, Twitter and Facebook.

Berlusconi. Has Silvio Berlusconi shrugged off «a series of sex scandals that cost him his marriage»? And has the Italian prime minister «found that his poll ratings have finally taken a dive as he becomes mired in yet another controversy»? Do you agree with Tom Kington and The Observer?

L’Aquila and Berlusconi. G8 in Italy – in L’Aquila, Abruzzo, some months after the earthquake – also offers new party allegations for Silvio Berlusconi, the host of the summit, as the journalist Nick Squires reports for “The Telegraph”.

G8 and Berlusconi. G8 means also occupations by Greenpeace, as John Hooper reports for “The Guardian” from Rome. And the question is… expulsion for Italy from G8, as the newspaper’s diplomatic editor, Julian Borger, foreshadows from some calls? Or no leadership of Silvio Berlusconi in preparing G8? That is, indeed, what The New York Times writes suggesting Mr. Obama to lead Group of 8 summit meetings.

– Tom Yorke and the Copenhagen climate change conference. A video interview by the Guardian and one of its editors John Vidal.

Josè Barroso and Copenhagen. Furthermore, Barroso’s benchmarks are climate change on the road to Copenhagen, food security, financial regulation, trade, employment and poverty… And David Waddington, one of The Independent’s commentator, criticizes the behaviour of G8 leaders about Iran. “How can it be right for our leaders – he writes – to give more time to the mullahs to murder their people and build a nuclear bomb with which to threaten us all?” “Sanctions – he suggests later on – need to be tightened by the EU and UN Security Council.

The OECD. The numbers seem particular if they will reveal true, but who knows… According to the OECD – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – the unemployment rate could almost reach double digits by the end of next year in all G8 countries but Japan.

Crisis and unemployment. For this reason the situation should be difficult for the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Canada and Russia according to this forecast, but let’s hope it will not.

Not very optimistic numbers at the “Social summit”

in Rome. But will they become true?

Another text prepared for the G8 social summit in Rome of March – this time by the ILO (International Labour Organization) – estimates about 50 million new unemployed this year and “only” about 11 million more men and women without a job last year. What a difficult crisis


A playlist of mine with Your Love Is King by Sade, Russian Roulette by Rihanna and the Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is interpreted by Mariah Carey.

Music. Another playlist of mine.

Opera, an European browser, and Mozilla, Linux and Apple

Vanilla icecream, Vanilla Toffee Crunch and Chunky Monkey

Vanilla Bean, Strawberries & Cream, Double Chocolate, Mango & Passion Fruit Madness, Lemon Meringue, Cappuccino and Sticky Toffee Fudge

Mango & Banana Smoothie, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie, Frozen Yogurt, Cappuccino and Chocolate Icecream

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