Rihanna, South East England, Ioannis Giogkarakis and Max Weber


Music, pop and Rihanna

My profile on a social network

Rihanna like M.I.A. in New York City? She is there for the video of  “What’s My Name?” from her Loud album. And photos are here. They are not very nice, but also not too bad.

Music. A playlist of mine.

Tourism and the UK. South East England and tourism.

UK beef or Oscar Wilde. The Observer, Eurojust and UK beef ten years ago. Agriculture, tourism outside UK major cities, ECB, Otmar Issing  and Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Fall of the Rupee’.

Music. A playlist of mine with a shore by the group of an “empire”, Paris and New York in the morning, a very known British singer, dance memories, something that pass, a bad word, a “game over” and diamonds.

Europe. Do you know the ESRC, European Systemic Risk Council?

An inquiry. Euronews, a former president of Eurojust and an inquiry into the so-called Freeport affair. Let’s wait for the final decision which might be for the former president.

01.02.10 – A scholarship. An award, the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. The deadline is today.

Films. You can send your clip for the Youth Media Festival Berlin here.

11.01.10 Deadline postponed to today, January 11, for a post of Rulemaking Officer (please see below).

Euraxess and jobs. Euraxess by the European Commission and a vacant position for junior researcher candidates in terminology and language resources in Latvia. Deadline is February 1st. Please also consider that there are some tags and categories at the end of the article and that I found this page about Euraxess, tourism and accomodation in Italy. Please also consider that there is the Max Weber Fellowship with the closing date fixed for May 25.

The Ten-T Info Day and transport. TEN-T Info Day of this year – 22 April – with Dirk Beckers (TEN-T EA’s executive director), Jonathan Scheele (DG Energy & Transport), Christopher North (Head of Unit at the TEN-T EA – Air, Waterborne Transport, Logistics, Innovation & Co-modality) and Ioannis Giogkarakis-Argyropoulos (Head of Unit – Road and Rail Transport, TEN-T EA). A video. Please also refer to the tags and categories for other articles.

Ten-T EA and tourism. An increase for the public transport usage in Cyprus from 2% three years ago to 10% in six years? A feasibility study. It should affect major tourist destinations in the island.

18.12.09 A Human Resources Officer for the Cedefop in Thessaloniki, Greece. Closing date is Monday, December 21, and here there is the vacancy notice.

Research job vacancy, fellowships and grants and the European Commission.

Thessaloniki and tourism. Trip advisor and travelling to Thessaloniki. Ready to vote Greece as one of the best travel destinations below?

18.12.09 – Financial Officer and… Economists and Senior Economists or a Principal Economist at the ECB, the European Central Bank, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The closing date for applications has been extended until Wednesday, 16 December. A Legal Internship with deadline fixed for Friday, 18 December or a Financial Officer at the TEN-T EA, Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency, in Brussels, Belgium. How is finance in your opinion? And please consider that you “must be included in the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) data base for contract agents in function group III in a field appropriate to the profile of the post”.

Until the same day you can also apply for a post of Project Controller at the Clean Sky JU, Joint Undertaking, in Brussels. You have to be a graduate and have at least six years of work experience and, among them, three years in a field related to finance and economy. You can also apply for a post of Head of Administration and Finance. At least twelve years of work experience and six of them in the field… Have a good luck if you will send your application forms…

17.12.09 Administrative Assistant and Administrative Secretary at the EASA in Cologne – please see also below – with the closing date fixed for Thursday, December 17. Please see also below for Cologne for tourists or for voting this city.

16.12.09 – Vienna. An Administrative Assistant at the FRA – Fundamental Rights Agency – in Vienna, Austria. The grid is here and the deadline is Wednesday, December 16, at 1pm (13), local time. Do you already have to do with procurement? And here there is a website concerning tourism in Vienna.

– The Oska Bright film festival by and for people with learning disabilities. Do you read the Observer?

Midnight – local time – is the deadline for an offer for Head of Unit at the EChA in Helsinki, Finland. The EChA is the European Chemicals Agency and probably many of us will not have the work experience required, twelve years. But, anyway, let’s have courage in finding a job or a new job…  Here there are a guide for applicants, the application form and a particular CV in pdf and word formats.

– Euromaxx by Deutsche Welle – DW TV – and Danish open sandwiches. Fillet of plaice, sauce tartare, asparagus, half slices of dark rye bread and salmon by head chef Ida Davidsen.

Project Officers. The ECDC in Stockholm, Sweden, invites to apply to become an Expert in General Surveillance. You could work in the Surveillance Unit and there are also four jobs of Project Officer at the Eruojust in The Hague in the Netherlands – Project Officer, Software Development, Networks and a Business Requirements Expert.

Rulemaking. Last, but not least, there are many offers at the EASA in Cologne, the European Aviation Safety Agency. Here the institution requires Heads of Corporate, Information and Applications & Procurement Services Departments, a Rulemaking Officer who will deal with Flight Crew Licensing and an Approval Team Leader who will deal with Continuing Airworthiness (Maintenance) Organisation. And for a Cologne for tourists please see or vote below…

15.12.09 The application for the danceWEB Scholarship Programme – we know from the website of Jardin d’Europe – is open until Thursday, December 15, noon. This project – the website let us know – has been funded with support from the European Commission and we can see the logo of the Education and Culture DG (Directorate General), Culture Programme.

The same day is the deadline for a post of Deputy Secretary to the Committee of Ministers at the CoE, Council of Europe in Strasbourg (France), and for a post of IT Infrastructure Coordinator and Senior Assistant at the EFSA in Parma, Italy. The EFSA is the European Food Safety Authority and the job concerns the IT and Operations Unit.

Application form and vacancy form in pdf and word. And for Parma and tourists, please see below. Please also remember that you may vote this town below as well.

Cologne and Frankfurt. Human Resources Assistant at the EASA in Cologne, Germany. Closing date to apply is Monday, December 14. The same closing date is also valid for a post of Senior Human Resources Assistant at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

… an Head in Cologne… Have a good luck at the following selection because you need a lot of years of professional experience, more than ten.  Head of Cabinet at the EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency, in Cologne, Germany. And the deadline is tomorrow, December 11.

… and tourism in Cologne. The official Tourist Board website and Christmas markets.

Lisbon. Financial Assistant at the EMSA, European Maritime Safety Agency, in Portugal.

… and travels. Lisbon and hotels.

-The EMSA, European Maritime Safety Agency, and the vessel Ile de Brehat. A video.

Science and medicine this time. A Scientific Officer at the EFSA in Parma, Northern Italy, European Food Safety Agency. Deadline on Wednesday, December 9, the vacancy notice, the online application form and the vacancy form in pdf and word format.

Two Experts required at the ECDC in Stockholm, Sweden, on HIV and Hepatitis B and C in the Surveillance Unit or one Scientific Editor at the Eurosurveillance, Health Communication Unit. Closing date is tomorrow, Thursday, December 10.

A travel to Italy and Sweden. Parma, Christmas and tourism. Trip Advisor, ViaMichelin and this town to visit. Stockholm’s visitor guide, visiting Sweden and Stockholm.

03.12.09 – Health in Chanary Warf. This time a vacancy notice and an application form valid for four jobs at the EMeA in London, the European Medicines Agency. General conditions and translations of application form are also available in other languages and you may apply to become Head of Sector for Product Data Management, Administrator (SAP specialist, SAP Project Manager), Administrator, Software Architect / Technical Lead and Administrator, Project Manager, ICT Development.

Music and travel. An Artistic Director, freelance, in South East England. A Webmaster in Central London, an Online Content Manager in Newcastle and a Web Manager in Kent. Travel experts in Aberdeen, Belfast, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge and London Kensington.

Frankfurt and Brussels for tourists. I do not like these cities a lot, but maybe you do. Tourism in Frankfurt or travelling to Brussels.

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Spreadthesign, the sign language dictionary. European Commission – Education & Training

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John Lennon, die Silbermond, die Culcha Candela, Münster und Kastellaun. Die Simple Minds und die a-ha


Musik, eine Playlist von mir mit »Hamma« von Culcha Candela.

Reisen. Kastellaun und der Tourismus.

Der Sänger Mil Santos und auch die Culcha Candela.

Das Video zum Song »Hamma«.

27.02.10 – Culcha Candela. Skaters Palace in Münster für die Culcha Candela. Welche Erwartungen, liebe Fans?

Itchino und Frankfurt. Itchino, der Club Walden in Frankfurt und… noch Termine!

Culcha Candela – 23.12.09 Culcha Candela beim »Großen Comedy Adventskalender« von RTL diesen Abend, Mittwoch den 23. Dezember, um 20:15 Uhr. Die Gruppe spielt gut oder nicht? Und wie findet ihr andere Gäste vom »Adventskalender« wie der Silbermond und die No Angels? Und vielleicht könnt ihr unten mehr lesen oder auch sie abstimmen.

Ich habe auch auf der Webseite von RTL gelesen, dass die Komiker Cindy aus Marzahn, Dr. Eckard von Hirschhausen, Kaya Yanar, Paul Panzer,  Mirja Boes und Barbara Schöneberger sind. Oder auch Johann König, Dieter Hallervorden, René Marik, Ralf Schmitz, Maddin Schneider und Mike Krüger. Moderator ist Atze Schröder.

Weihnachtssongs und John Lennon. Musik bedeutet auch bei diesem Fernsehsender »Die ultimative Chart Show« um 03:15 Uhr von Donnerstag, den 24. Dezember, mit Weihnachtshits wie »Wonderland« von Heidi Klum, »Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer« von Dean Martin, »Happy Xmas« von John Lennon, »Last Christmas« von Wham, Sidos »Weihnachtssong« und »Power of Love« von Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Wer präsentiert? Oliver Geissen.

05.12.09 – Die Roxette in Frankfurt. Das Pop-Duo Roxette in Frankfurt. Werdet es Charthits wie »Listen To Your Heart« und »It Must Have Been Love« singen? Eure Lieblingssong abstimmen? Bitte nach unten sehen!

20.11.09Culcha Candela. Beim Morgenmagazin. Habt ihr Culcha Candela im ZDF-Morgenmagazin am Montag, den 16. November, gesehen? Hier das Video und ich habe gelernt, liebe Candeleros, wie Culcha Candela ausgesprochen wird.

22.08.09 – Die a-ha. Werdest du das Konzert vom norwegischen Pop-Gruppe a-ha mit dem Gruppe Simple Minds auf ARTE sehen? Am Samstag, den 22. August, um 22.45 Uhr und das Konzert hat in Neuwied, Deutschland, stattgefunden. Der deutsche Radiosender SWR3 hat auch eine Seite auf seiner Webseite veröffentlicht. Auch mit Songs wie »Foot Of The Mountain«, »Hunting High And Low« und »The Living Daylights«?

Culcha Candela. Die neue Single „Schöne Neue Welt“ von Culcha Candela.

09.07.09 – Die Simply Red, Mainz und… Mick Hucknall und die Simply Red in der Schweiz, Österreich und Deutschland… Sie werden live an der Sunset Festival – bitte auch unten sehen – in Zürich am 9. Juli sein und auch in Avenches. Für Castle Clam in Linz werden sie am 10. Juli singen und in Klagenfurt am 9. August für Bay of Worthersee. In Deutschland sind die Städte Gelsenkirchen (Amphitheater am 18. Juli), Ulm (Münsterplatz am 19. Juli), Monchengladbach (Hockey Park am 7. August) und Mainz (Malakoff Terrasse am 8. August).

12.07.09 – Die Simple Minds und das »Sunset Festival«. Amy Macdonald wird in Zürich am Sunset Festival am 13. Juli singen und vor sie werden die Simple Minds am Sonntag, den 12. Juli,  spielen. Jamie Cullum wird am Samstag, den 18. Juli, singen…

20.07.09 Konzert von der italienischen Gruppe Viulan in Scuol – in der Schweiz – an der Xong Festival am Sonntag, den 20. Juli… Folk-Musik aus Italien

Amerikanische Insel, Son aus Kuba. Drei Musikstücke aus einer Sammlung des Son aus Kuba, die frei zu hören sind.

1. Los Guaracheros de Oriente – „Patria Querida“,

2. Niño Torrente und Son de Hoy – „El Son Te Llama“,

3. Afro-Cuban Jazz Project – „Campiña“

25.07.09 „Musifest“ bei der Musikkapelle in Prad am Stilfserjoch in Südtirol am Samstag Abend und Sonntag , den 25. und 26. Juli, ganztägig. Die Spieler sind die Sauguat am Samstag und das Duo Bergdiamanten, die Obervinschgauer Seniorenböhmische und die Etschland Express am Sonntag.

25.07.09 – Culcha Candela. Tickets gewinnen für die Tour von Culcha Candela hier.

Cocoba Nuss-Nougatcreme, Equita Schokoaufstrich, Cocoba Crème Nuss-Nougat-Brotaufstrich, Coop Max Havelaar Haselnuss-Brotaufstrich

Opera, ein europäischer Browser, und Mozilla, Linux und Apple

– Für SüdtirolerInnen: Neomedia

– Die Benedektinerabtei Muri-Gries in Bozen – mit dem Haus Sankt Benedikt Studentenwohnheim und die Klosterkellerei

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Cologne and gardening. Budapest, Brussels’Carnival and Warsaw


Bonn and the Rhineland, a tour and excursion. The Hotel Star am Dom in Cologne and some opinions on this city by travellers.

Poland. Warsaw and accomodation.

Flowers and herbs. Dahlia Avignon, a flower, by the Guardian Garden Centre. Daniel Ost, a photo and Kathleen Fifield for the Reader’s Digest. Or medicinal herbs you can grow at home – like chamomille.

Chris Rea. The singer and player Chris Rea in Warsaw on February 16. Is its tour name Still So Far To Go?

Stockholm and travelling. Hotels.

February. GE Galan on February 10, photos from Borneo by Mattias Klum on February 13, Stockholm International Antiques Fair till February 21, the Rammstein on February 20 and a day later is the International Tourist Guide Day for free.

Brussels and tourism. The Carnival of witches of Tarkham.

Visiting Cologne. The hotels.

Cologne and Carnival. The dates.

09.02.10 – Warsaw. Two posts of Information Management Support Officer at the Frontex in Poland (application form). The deadline is today.

08.02.10 – Cologne. What a long name for a post… Flight Crew Licensing Organisation Approvals Section Manager at the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), located in Cologne, Germany. The closing date is today as well as for a job of Production Organisations Approvals Section Manager. What another long name!

07.02.10 – Stockholm. Fellows at the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) in the EPIET, the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training. Closing date is today.

05.02.10 – Brussels. Internal Control Officer and Deputy Accounting Officer at the EACI (Executive Agency for Competitiveness & Innovation), located in Brussels. The deadline is today, February 5, at midday.

03.02.10 Financial Officer at the EACI, Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, located in Brussels. Deadline is today.

01.02.10 – Warsaw. Senior Analyst at the Frontex – an European agency that deals with external borders – in Warsaw, Poland.

Budapest. Internal Auditors at the EIT – European Institute of Innovation & Technology – located in Budapest, Hungary.

Cologne. Design Organisation Approval Team Leader at the EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency (please see below). In all these cases the deadline is today, Monday February 1.

29.01.10 – Stockholm. Experts for Healthcare-Associated infections (HAI) and for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in the Surveillance Unit at the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control), based in Stockholm, Sweden. Deadline is today, January 29.

Cologne and aviation. Management Support Assistantapply – at the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), based in Cologne, Germany.

Helsinki. Head of Unit Evaluation (vacancy notice, application form and CV in pdf and word), Security Manager (vacancy notice, application form and CV in pdf and word), IT Systems Engineer (vacancy notice, application form and CV in pdf and word) and Human Resources Officer (vacancy notice, application form and CV in pdf and word) at another EU institution, the EChA, European Chemicals Agency, based in Helsinki, Finland.

27.01.10 – Frankfurt. One Romanian Lawyer-Linguist at the ECB – the European Central Bank – based in Frankfurt, Germany. The office will be the Lawyer-Linguists Division of the Directorate General Legal Services. Deadline for applicants is today, Wednesday  27 January.

Parma. One Senior Assistant at the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) in the Finance Unit, Procurement and Grant, based in Parma, Italy.

Media jobs, Bristol, Bournemouth and London. Web Editor in Greater London. Editor in Bristol and Editorial Assistant in London. International Officer at the Bournemouth University till February 18.

– A garden, James May and the Chelsea Flower Show.

Vanilla icecream, Vanilla Toffee Crunch and Chunky Monkey

Vanilla Bean, Strawberries & Cream, Double Chocolate, Mango & Passion Fruit Madness, Lemon Meringue, Cappuccino and Sticky Toffee Fudge

Mango & Banana Smoothie, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie, Frozen Yogurt, Cappuccino and Chocolate Icecream

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updated on Wednesday April 14, 2010

Does this search engine save watts/hour?

Germany, Warsaw, the UK and English and German translators


Translator from French into English or German @ OECD in Paris. Deadline for mother tongues is March 4.

21.05.10 – Cologne. ATM Rulemaking Officer at the EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency – in Cologne. The deadline is Friday, May 21st.

UK. Search Marketing Analyst and Search Account Manager in Slough, United Kingdom.

15.05.10 – Frankfurt. English Translator at the ECB, the European Central Bank, in Frankfurt. Please pay attention to a detail I did not consider: you have to be employed by one of the 27 EU National Central Banks or a public international institution… The deadline is today.

Oxfordshire, London and Cambridge. Museum Development Officer at the Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock, the UK. Web Communications Manager in London, Newman Street.  Partner Relations Officer in Cambridge with some travel in Europe in a company part-funded by the European Commission.

Warsaw. System Expert in ICT Sector in Warsaw, Poland. In all these cases the closing date is today.

No sound for Asian Britain? Save the BBC Asian Network! From a blog and a deejay:

Trust has received 1000 complaints to keep Asian Network open. This is ridiculous. The station is key to the Asian music scene.  Seems apathy has reared it’s ugly head in regards to Save BBC Asian Network. Come on everyone, we can do better than 1000 complaints. EMAIL srconsultation@bbc.co.uk NOW to Save BBC Asian Network. Just be honest. Keep it simple or state your reasons for not closing it down.

12.05.10 – Cambridge. Editor who is competent in science for the Cambridge University Press. The deadline is today.

10.05.10 – Cologne. Head of Technical Training Department, Maintenance Review Board Expert, Airport Rulemaking Officer, Hydro-Mechanical Systems Expert and  Electrical Systems Expert at the EASA, European Aviation Safety Agency, in Cologne, Germany. The closing date is today.

SAFA Coordination Officer for the SAFA programme. I do not know what this programme is.

Music playlists. Here there are playlists of mine about the Asian Network and 6 Music.

Blog. Why signing in to my blog? To read someting else about the United Kingdom, music, tourist destinations and Italy. Please see the right side of this page.

Internet. And why following my tweets, becoming a friend of mine on Facebook and so on? Simply to chat with me or interact. My profiles in I Like and Bebo.

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Vanilla icecream, Vanilla Toffee Crunch and Chunky Monkey

Vanilla Bean, Strawberries & Cream, Double Chocolate, Mango & Passion Fruit Madness, Lemon Meringue, Cappuccino and Sticky Toffee Fudge

Mango & Banana Smoothie, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie, Frozen Yogurt, Cappuccino and Chocolate Icecream

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Does this search engine save watts/hour?

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