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The earthquakes in Abruzzo and Indonesia, a tsunami, music, a “scattered hotel” and Molise


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Earthquake near Sumatra, Indonesia? Terrible. And are readers and users of a social network so religious that “Bless Indonesia” or “Pray for Indonesia” are very popular there? And more than every word, the news are very important and I found this article via a page of BBC ‘s Asian Network Reports with Rozina Sini.

22.08.09 Milan and Abruzzo. A concert for the victims of the earthquake will take place in Milan‘s San Siro on June 21 with some female “Friends for Abruzzo” – this is the title of the show. The singers and musicians will be Laura Pausini, Elisa, Carmen Consoli, Giusy Ferreri, Giorgia and Fiorella Mannoia.

– Laura Pausini and James Blunt, “Primavera in anticipo” (video).

Here’s what I wrote on Sunday, April 12.

There should be a “scattered hotel” in Santo Stefano di Sassanio, a town near L’Aquila, that was not destroyed in the recent earthquake in Abruzzo but a tower. A reader of the online version of “The Independent” recalls another recent Italian tragedy in Molise

The playgrounds in Europe. You may download a free song by the so-called English singer Herbie Treehead (“Change Song”) from this page or listen to this song or other ones by the SwedishFinnish Sås & Kopp (“Trampolin”) and the Hungarian Alma Zenekar (“Tudom Én Már, Mit Csinálok”). The album has the title “European Playground” and it has been published by Putumayo.

New Zealand and an earthquake. How was the earthquake in New Zealand some weeks ago in the far west, in a national park?

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Sunday April 12, 2009

updated on Tuesday October 26, 2010

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