The Royal Wedding, prince William, Kate Middleton and Sridi Sai Baba

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Now of Kate Middleton, 18-carat sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring. Formerly of princess Diana Spencer, Prince William’s mom – photo.

Nihal’s programme on the BBC Asian Network, a page about Sai Baba and one of the most important events for the UK. And the same post here. Here, here and here pages about this event.

Thursday April 28, 2011

Updated on Friday April 25, 2011

Nigella Lawson, the Olympics and the extensions


Nihal’s programme on the BBC Asian Network about Nigella Lawson, Asian girls and losing weight, extensions and the Million Pound Drop and the Olympics in Stratford, East London. And this post here as well.

Friday April 29, 2011

Homosexuality, Pope Benedict XVI, London and Aina Khan

Save BBC Asian Network & BBC 6music

Image by Shogun_79 via Flickr

BBC Asian Network

Family lawyer Aina Khan talking about divorce and separation to Nihal on BBC Asian Network – page.

18.09.10 – Pope Benedict XVI. The pope and BBC Asian Network: Gagan Grewal’s programme (read and listen), Nihal (read and listen, also about saris and Asians and the media), Sanjay Sharma and Hindi/Urdu Programme (read and listen, also on the situation in Kashmir).

– Shin & Bollywood Pandits live session – please watch this video.

Homosexuality and the Pope. Rozina Sini and Asian Network Report (read and listen, a second, a third – also about homosexuality – and a fourth episode, a fifth one with football, Arsenal and Chelsea, a sixth with Manchester United, France and the veil and a seventh episode with Bollywood).

The Pope, London, homosexuality and more. Catholic church is not only child abuse scandals, but, anyway, there was a protest against the Pope in Central London with comedian Al Murray and the atheist Richard Dawkins about abuses, homosexuality, condoms and women’s rights.

03.04.10 – An Easter. Happy Easter for you and I would like to ask you how your Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday have been.

Child abuse scandals and allegations by victims of paedophile priests. Unfortunately, I have read a report in the Observer by Tom Kington and Henry McDonald about pope Benedikt XVI, paedophile priests and child abuse scandals.

Italy, Ireland, Germany and the United States. Child abuse scandals in Italy, Ireland, Germany and the United States.

April 3, 2010

updated on Tuesday February 15, 2011

Hindu India, Swami Aseemanand and Rahul Gandhi according to Asian Britain

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BBC Asian Network

Hindu extremism in India? BBC Asian Network’s Nihal (page), Swami Aseemanand, Rahul Gandhi and a post of mine about Hindus.

Wednesday January 12, 2011

Roop Kumar Rathod, Sonali, East London, bhangra and the Baishakhi Mela

BBC  Asian Network


Roop Kumar Rathod, Sonali and BBC Asian Network’s Sonia Deol (page with a  video).

BBC Asian Network’s Bhangra Breakdown with Dipps Bahmrah and Sonia Deol. Music from this programme was also played by other radio programmes – like music by JK, Twin Beats and Offlicence (also played by the presenter Nihal on BBC Radio 1) and Bally Sagoo (also presented by Don Letts on BBC 6 Music).

And why not listening to the news from the Baishakhi Mela in East London?

Do you listen to BBC Asian Network (videos) or 6 Music (videos)?

B21 at London Mela 2009.

No sound of Asian Britain? Save the BBC Asian Network! From a blog and a deejay:

Trust has received 1000 complaints to keep Asian Network open. This is ridiculous. The station is key to the Asian music scene.  Seems apathy has reared it’s ugly head in regards to Save BBC Asian Network. Come on everyone, we can do better than 1000 complaints. EMAIL NOW to Save BBC Asian Network. Just be honest. Keep it simple or state your reasons for not closing it down.

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Opera, an European browser, and Mozilla, Linux and Apple

Spreadthesign, the sign language dictionary. European Commission – Education & Training

Sunday May 23, 2010 – updated on Monday November 22, 2010

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Michael Jackson and Asians’ light skins. Mr Khan and cricket, Konny Huq, Mind Your Language and Bengali

BBC Asian Network

Asians, light skin, Michael Jackson and Nihal’s programme on BBC Asian Network.

The Guardian, BBC Asian Network’s Mind Your Language, Konny Huq and an article by Elizabeth Mahoney.

Mr Khan and cricket. Video here and here a playlist about the BBC Asian Network.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

September 9, 2010

Updated on Tuesday February 15, 2011

Hena Begum from Bangladesh

BBC Asian Network

This Bangladeshi girl and Nihal’s programme on BBC Asian Network.

Tuesday February 15, 2011

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