Arizona, Malta, migrants and Lampedusa

Arizona and immigration.

05.05.09 – Malta and Italy. No peace after a dispute that started some weeks ago. Malta has sent a note verbale to the Italian Foreign Ministry referring to a dispute between the two countries about 66 illegal migrants. And the Maltese opposition leader would have received a letter by the EU socialist leader referring to illegal immigration in the island.

Moreover, patrol planes operated by the Frontex -the European border control agency – quite often flies not very far from Lampedusa and that does not happen only after this dispute. In the island a memorial for lost illegal immigrants – “Porta di Lampedusa – Porta d’Europa” (Gateway to Lampedusa – Gateway to Europe) – was designed by the Italian artist Mimmo Paladino. Here also a photo with the mayor of Lampedusa, Dino de Rubeis, a politician in Lampedusa named Mauro Buccarello and – maybe – the monunent I referred to some lines above.

Saturday May 1, 2009

updated on Sunday May 24, 2010


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