London, Stockholm, Eminem, Eros Ramazzotti and Lily Allen


Eminem, the video of We Made You. Frankly, I do not like this song very much, but the video is very electric, dealing with a mistake of American society, death penalty. Furthermore, an album of mine about rap.

Lily Allen and… her album ‘It’s not me, it’s you’

A playlist of mine.

27.02.10 – Ramazzotti. Your opinion about Eros Ramazzotti’s «Ali e Radici World Tour» concert in Kosice, in Slovakia?

Luxembourg and music. The jazz player Brad Mehldau and Luxembourg or accomodation.

Hampshire and… walking or hotels and accomodation.

Alicante is… the Carnival and hotels.

London is Asian. The Chinese New Year in this capital and its accomodation guide.

Stockholm’s music and Goteborg. The Rammstein in Sweden’s capital and where to stay. Göteborg Horse Show and accomodation in Sweden.

Warsaw and tourism. Some hotels in the capital of Poland.

22.02.10 – Stockholm. Database Analyst in the Scientific Advice Unit, Expert in Epidemic Intelligence in the Preparedness and Response Unit and Expert in Burden of Disease and Forecasting in the Scientific Advice Unit at the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control), located in Stockholm, Sweden. The deadline is today.

19.02.10 – Luxembourg and the UK. Irish Translator at the CDT, the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU and Senior Secretary at the Cepol, the European Police College, based in Bramshill (Hampshire, United Kingdom). In both cases the closing date is today.

18.02.10 – Alicante. Administrator in the feld of industrial property at the Ohim, the official trade marks and designs registration office of the EU. Ready to work in Alicante, Spain, if you will be chosen? The deadline is today.

17.02.10 – London. Executive Director at the EMeA (European Medicines Agency) in Chanary Wharf, London. The closing date is today.

15.02.10 – Stockholm. A lot of posts at the ECDC, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Such as a Deputy Head of Unit and Head of Legal and Procurement Office, an Expert in Public Communication in the Health Communication Unit, an Head of Finance and Accounting Section in the Administrative Service Unit, an Expert in Data Management in the Surveillance Unit, a Senior Expert in Geographic Information Systems in the Scientific Advice Unit, an Expert in Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Health Programmes in the Scientific Advice Unit and an Expert in Burden of Disease and Forecasting in the Scientific Advice Unit. The deadline is today.

Warsaw. A post of Facility Management Co-ordinator at the Frontex, the European Agency in the field of border security, based in Warsaw, Poland (application form).

Languages. Translator (French to English) in Switzerland.

14.02.10 – UK. Head of Holidays in Melksham, Wiltshire, UK. Deadline is today, 14 February. Territory Manager Holiday Cottages.

10.07.09 – Europe. Just a Roma booklet by Salto-Youth, a resource centres by the EU.

Opera, an European browser, and Mozilla, Linux and Apple

Spreadthesign, the sign language dictionary. European Commission – Education & Training

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Friday July 10, 2009

updated on Sunday October 3, 2010

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Greece and boat trips in Cologne and Tuscany


Travel, Greece and Spain

Greece and the BBC. By the way, have you ever listened to BBC Asian Network or 6 Music?

Tuscany. Winning a weekend in Tuscany at Punta Ala Golf Resort? For this Italian region please see also below.

Music. A playlist of mine.

Listening to a radio station. An Internet radio station, Forever Cool.

Vanilla icecream, Vanilla Toffee Crunch and Chunky Monkey

Vanilla Bean, Strawberries & Cream, Double Chocolate, Mango & Passion Fruit Madness, Lemon Meringue, Cappuccino and Sticky Toffee Fudge

Mango & Banana Smoothie, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie, Frozen Yogurt, Cappuccino and Chocolate Icecream. Do you like Cream O’Galloway Made Fair Frozen Yogurt?

Florence. No deadline for a research internship in Florence, at the Robert Schumann Centre for Advanced Studies in the EUI (European University Institute). The field will be the following: Institutions, Governance and Democracy and, moreover, Migration, Economic and Monetary Policy, Competition Policy and Market Regulation, Energy Policy and International and Trasnational Relations.

You have to possess a PhD, a publication record and experience in the field. You could work from one to three years and your appontment can be renewed up to total five years. Application forms will be sent per e-mail with your CV and motivation letter.

Belgium. The K.U. Leuven in Belgium – it should be an health institution – invites to apply for a full-time academic position as a Coordinator Research Laboratory in Gynecology and Obstetrics. In this case no deadline too…

Cologne and tourism. Boat trips and hotels.

23.02.10 – Cologne. Impact Assessment Officer at the EASA, European Aviation Safety Agency, based in Cologne, Germany. The deadline is today.

17.07.09 – Warsaw and Brussels. There are the so-called Regio Stars Awards for “City” and “ICT” themes and websites. Here’s more information and the deadline is Friday July 17 through “Regional Managing Authorities”.

About more than a week to apply for two posts of Research Officer at the Frontex in Warsaw, Poland, the European Agency that deals with external borders. Here’s the application form and the deadline is Tuesday July 7. Nine years of professional experience required and sending by traditional mail…

09.07.09 – Vienna. Just two job offers with deadline July 9 at 1 pm and a lot of them for the next day. The first and second offers come from FRA (Fundamental Rights Agency), based in Vienna, Austria, and concern a Programme Manager for Social Research (notice and application form) and a so-called Seconded National Expert (notice and application form), who has to work in a public administration.

Please be aware that the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has postponed the deadlines to apply for some posts. The dates changed from June 18, 25 or 26 to Friday July 10 for the posts of Processing and Proofreading Assistant, Large Aeroplane Project Certification Manager (in this last case now even to July 17), Economic Analysis Assistant and Risk and Impact Assessment Expert (in this last case deadline postponed to August 10). Please refer to what I have written below for these job offers.

Furthermore, there is another offer from this institution based in Cologne, Germany – concerning posts of Coordination Assistants with the deadline postponed to July 24. You have to have at least nine years of relevant professional experience…

Barcelona. If you are an engineer, you may then apply for a post of Planning Engineer for Fusion for Energy, the European Joint Undertaking for ITER, a project to get energy from nuclear fusion. Application forms have to be sent till Friday, July 10, at midday, Barcelona time. And you could obviously work in Barcelona…

03.07.09 Two deadlines postponed from a day of June to Friday July 3

From external relations and a change to the economics. The ECB – please see below for more information about this bank – seeks students and recent graduates for an internship. They have to be specialised or interested in financial auditing and have a master’s degree in economics, finance, business administration or similar courses. The deadline to apply is Wednesday July 1 and you will start working on 1 September or later for six months.

Senior professionals in academia, central banks and research institutions? Then the Wim Duisenberg Research Fellowship could be a good choice for you. You would conduct economic research in the Directorate General Research (DG-R) and the ECB in Frankfurt – Germany (European Central Bank) – would offer you an assignment for a period of between three and eleven months next year. You may apply till Tuesday June 30.

Are you a Greek-Language Interpreter? The EU has opened two competitions for the so-called grades AD5 and AD7 till Tuesday June 30 at midday (Brussels time). Here the application forms for the first and the second job and the Official Journal and the general rules.

Respectively at least twelve and fifteen years of professional experience are required for two posts of Head of Unit and Director, respectively at the CFCA in Vigo, Spain (Community Fisteries Control Agency), and at the ECDC in Stockholm, Sweden (European Centre for Disease prevention and Control). Here there are the istructions for the first job offer…

29.06.09 – Parma. Do you possess a scientific university degree in fields concerning health, chemistry and biology? Then you might consider a call for external experts at the EFSA in Parma, Italy (European Food Safety Authority)… The last day to apply is Monday, June 29

Barcelona and more. You may apply till Thursday June 25 for some posts at the EASA in Cologne, Germany, like Large Aeroplane Project Certification Manager, Administrative Assistant and Administrative Secretary, Continuing Airworthiness Standardisation Team Leader and SAFA Coordination Section Manager (SAFA is a Community programme). There is another deadline approaching – Friday June 26 – for the posts of Processing and Proofreading Assistant at the same institution and Expert in Skills Analysis and Forecasting and Senior Expert – in the same field – at the Cedefop in Thessaloniki, Greece. The same date is the last one to apply for two posts of Database Administrator or Engineering Software Support Officer at the Fusion for Energy in Barcelona, Spain.

06.07.09 – Cologne. After the job offers around June 14 and last months, here’s some other posts at the EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency – in Cologne, Germany, till Monday, June 22. You have to submit your application by traditional mail for a General Support Officer (Business/Public administration studies, European studies or Law and knowledge of the European Commission general regulations concerning the aviation field).

Some of you who are reading this text may also apply to become Third Country Operator Authorisations Officers (coordinating and liaising with the Finance and Business directorate and advantageous a knowledge of European aviation safety regulations and the so-called SARPS or EC Reg. 2042/2003 and ICAO Annex 8).

This sector also offers another possibility of working as Third Country Operator Authorisations Team Leaders (nine years of professional experience). You have to have nine years as a worker too to become a FSTD Standardisation Team Leader (Flight Simulation Training Devices) or three years to be a Maintenance Review Board Expert – and in both these two cases the selection is postponed till July 6. Please also be aware of job offers with postponed deadlines with details in my text of June 14…

Polish language. Now let’s move to the next day, Tuesday June 23, at midday (Brussels time). The field concerns this time Polish-Language Conference Interpreters and here there are the way to apply, the general rules and the Official Journal. This is the so-called grade AD5, and there is also the grade AD7 for these interpreters (how to apply and, for the general rules and the Official Journal, please see above).

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Monday June 22, 2009

updated on Wednesday March 31, 2010

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Rihanna, South East England, Ioannis Giogkarakis and Max Weber


Music, pop and Rihanna

My profile on a social network

Rihanna like M.I.A. in New York City? She is there for the video of  “What’s My Name?” from her Loud album. And photos are here. They are not very nice, but also not too bad.

Music. A playlist of mine.

Tourism and the UK. South East England and tourism.

UK beef or Oscar Wilde. The Observer, Eurojust and UK beef ten years ago. Agriculture, tourism outside UK major cities, ECB, Otmar Issing  and Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Fall of the Rupee’.

Music. A playlist of mine with a shore by the group of an “empire”, Paris and New York in the morning, a very known British singer, dance memories, something that pass, a bad word, a “game over” and diamonds.

Europe. Do you know the ESRC, European Systemic Risk Council?

An inquiry. Euronews, a former president of Eurojust and an inquiry into the so-called Freeport affair. Let’s wait for the final decision which might be for the former president.

01.02.10 – A scholarship. An award, the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. The deadline is today.

Films. You can send your clip for the Youth Media Festival Berlin here.

11.01.10 Deadline postponed to today, January 11, for a post of Rulemaking Officer (please see below).

Euraxess and jobs. Euraxess by the European Commission and a vacant position for junior researcher candidates in terminology and language resources in Latvia. Deadline is February 1st. Please also consider that there are some tags and categories at the end of the article and that I found this page about Euraxess, tourism and accomodation in Italy. Please also consider that there is the Max Weber Fellowship with the closing date fixed for May 25.

The Ten-T Info Day and transport. TEN-T Info Day of this year – 22 April – with Dirk Beckers (TEN-T EA’s executive director), Jonathan Scheele (DG Energy & Transport), Christopher North (Head of Unit at the TEN-T EA – Air, Waterborne Transport, Logistics, Innovation & Co-modality) and Ioannis Giogkarakis-Argyropoulos (Head of Unit – Road and Rail Transport, TEN-T EA). A video. Please also refer to the tags and categories for other articles.

Ten-T EA and tourism. An increase for the public transport usage in Cyprus from 2% three years ago to 10% in six years? A feasibility study. It should affect major tourist destinations in the island.

18.12.09 A Human Resources Officer for the Cedefop in Thessaloniki, Greece. Closing date is Monday, December 21, and here there is the vacancy notice.

Research job vacancy, fellowships and grants and the European Commission.

Thessaloniki and tourism. Trip advisor and travelling to Thessaloniki. Ready to vote Greece as one of the best travel destinations below?

18.12.09 – Financial Officer and… Economists and Senior Economists or a Principal Economist at the ECB, the European Central Bank, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The closing date for applications has been extended until Wednesday, 16 December. A Legal Internship with deadline fixed for Friday, 18 December or a Financial Officer at the TEN-T EA, Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency, in Brussels, Belgium. How is finance in your opinion? And please consider that you “must be included in the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) data base for contract agents in function group III in a field appropriate to the profile of the post”.

Until the same day you can also apply for a post of Project Controller at the Clean Sky JU, Joint Undertaking, in Brussels. You have to be a graduate and have at least six years of work experience and, among them, three years in a field related to finance and economy. You can also apply for a post of Head of Administration and Finance. At least twelve years of work experience and six of them in the field… Have a good luck if you will send your application forms…

17.12.09 Administrative Assistant and Administrative Secretary at the EASA in Cologne – please see also below – with the closing date fixed for Thursday, December 17. Please see also below for Cologne for tourists or for voting this city.

16.12.09 – Vienna. An Administrative Assistant at the FRA – Fundamental Rights Agency – in Vienna, Austria. The grid is here and the deadline is Wednesday, December 16, at 1pm (13), local time. Do you already have to do with procurement? And here there is a website concerning tourism in Vienna.

– The Oska Bright film festival by and for people with learning disabilities. Do you read the Observer?

Midnight – local time – is the deadline for an offer for Head of Unit at the EChA in Helsinki, Finland. The EChA is the European Chemicals Agency and probably many of us will not have the work experience required, twelve years. But, anyway, let’s have courage in finding a job or a new job…  Here there are a guide for applicants, the application form and a particular CV in pdf and word formats.

– Euromaxx by Deutsche Welle – DW TV – and Danish open sandwiches. Fillet of plaice, sauce tartare, asparagus, half slices of dark rye bread and salmon by head chef Ida Davidsen.

Project Officers. The ECDC in Stockholm, Sweden, invites to apply to become an Expert in General Surveillance. You could work in the Surveillance Unit and there are also four jobs of Project Officer at the Eruojust in The Hague in the Netherlands – Project Officer, Software Development, Networks and a Business Requirements Expert.

Rulemaking. Last, but not least, there are many offers at the EASA in Cologne, the European Aviation Safety Agency. Here the institution requires Heads of Corporate, Information and Applications & Procurement Services Departments, a Rulemaking Officer who will deal with Flight Crew Licensing and an Approval Team Leader who will deal with Continuing Airworthiness (Maintenance) Organisation. And for a Cologne for tourists please see or vote below…

15.12.09 The application for the danceWEB Scholarship Programme – we know from the website of Jardin d’Europe – is open until Thursday, December 15, noon. This project – the website let us know – has been funded with support from the European Commission and we can see the logo of the Education and Culture DG (Directorate General), Culture Programme.

The same day is the deadline for a post of Deputy Secretary to the Committee of Ministers at the CoE, Council of Europe in Strasbourg (France), and for a post of IT Infrastructure Coordinator and Senior Assistant at the EFSA in Parma, Italy. The EFSA is the European Food Safety Authority and the job concerns the IT and Operations Unit.

Application form and vacancy form in pdf and word. And for Parma and tourists, please see below. Please also remember that you may vote this town below as well.

Cologne and Frankfurt. Human Resources Assistant at the EASA in Cologne, Germany. Closing date to apply is Monday, December 14. The same closing date is also valid for a post of Senior Human Resources Assistant at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

… an Head in Cologne… Have a good luck at the following selection because you need a lot of years of professional experience, more than ten.  Head of Cabinet at the EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency, in Cologne, Germany. And the deadline is tomorrow, December 11.

… and tourism in Cologne. The official Tourist Board website and Christmas markets.

Lisbon. Financial Assistant at the EMSA, European Maritime Safety Agency, in Portugal.

… and travels. Lisbon and hotels.

-The EMSA, European Maritime Safety Agency, and the vessel Ile de Brehat. A video.

Science and medicine this time. A Scientific Officer at the EFSA in Parma, Northern Italy, European Food Safety Agency. Deadline on Wednesday, December 9, the vacancy notice, the online application form and the vacancy form in pdf and word format.

Two Experts required at the ECDC in Stockholm, Sweden, on HIV and Hepatitis B and C in the Surveillance Unit or one Scientific Editor at the Eurosurveillance, Health Communication Unit. Closing date is tomorrow, Thursday, December 10.

A travel to Italy and Sweden. Parma, Christmas and tourism. Trip Advisor, ViaMichelin and this town to visit. Stockholm’s visitor guide, visiting Sweden and Stockholm.

03.12.09 – Health in Chanary Warf. This time a vacancy notice and an application form valid for four jobs at the EMeA in London, the European Medicines Agency. General conditions and translations of application form are also available in other languages and you may apply to become Head of Sector for Product Data Management, Administrator (SAP specialist, SAP Project Manager), Administrator, Software Architect / Technical Lead and Administrator, Project Manager, ICT Development.

Music and travel. An Artistic Director, freelance, in South East England. A Webmaster in Central London, an Online Content Manager in Newcastle and a Web Manager in Kent. Travel experts in Aberdeen, Belfast, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge and London Kensington.

Frankfurt and Brussels for tourists. I do not like these cities a lot, but maybe you do. Tourism in Frankfurt or travelling to Brussels.

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Spreadthesign, the sign language dictionary. European Commission – Education & Training

Thursday December 3, 2009

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Angelique Kidjo, the Pocono mountains and…


A photo of Milford, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, and other photos of this area. Please see also below for other information about this tourist place.

A music playlist of mine.

Angelique Kidjo and Chicago. An opinion about Angelique Kidjo (photos) at Lincoln Hall in Chicago? For this American city please see also below.

Alaska. The photo of a toad, summer canoeing and Alaska with the Petersburg Mountain, the Baird and Patterson Glaciers. The Wrangell Narrows, the Sumner Strait and the Mitkof and Kupreanof Islands.

Grand Canyon and the Route 66. Utah. The North Cascades, Livingston and Gardiner Montana, Southern Utah, Capitol Reef National Park in Torrey Utah and the Fremont River. Bryce Canyon and the very famous Grand Canyon, Zion and Hidden Canyon. Lake Mead, the Mojave Desert, Palm Springs and the very famous Route 66. Mecca Hills and Ladder Canyon, Seattle, Bellingham and Malaspina Ferry to Alaska.

NY. Ski and New York.

14.09.10 – Pocono and events. The Grape Express on the Stroubridge Line, Pocono Mountains, on September 19 and Great American Nationals at Pocono Raceway from September 24 to September 26.

25.11.09 – Cleveland and Chicago. Travelling to Sparks, Cleveland or Chicago? There is a 4-star hotel in Sparks at at 38 dollars and an airfare from Chicago to Cleveland or vice versa at 97 dollars.

14.11.09 – Chairlifts. Travelling to the Powder mountain in Utah, chairlifts and a bus.

Pocono mountains. How are the forests at the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania, United States? Nice?

– Sunset in the Pocono Mountains

Sunset in the Pocono Mountains

– Akiba lake in the Poconos

Akiba lake in the Poconos

A plant.

– The lake again.

Photos taken by Ted Crawford

Unusual hotels of the world

All Seasons Hotels

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Saturday October 24, 2009

updated on Tuesday September 14, 2010

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Max Weber, Krakow for travellers, Warsaw and…


A lecture on Max Weber by Alan Macfarlane at Cambridge University.

Poland. Krakow for tourists, The Observer, New Year’s Eve or The Red Brick (price list) and the Hotel Stary (room rates).

Music. A playlist of mine.

16.04.09 Would you like to work at an European agency as a principal research officer? The Frontex, the European agency that deals with EU external borders, is searching a man or woman who has a university diploma after an education of four years or more or at least three years and an appropriate professional experience of one year. The candidate must also have 15 years of professional experience and will work in Warsaw, Poland, if he or she will be chosen. You may download the vacancy notice here or apply by clicking here by 17 April.

Opera, an European browser, and Mozilla, Linux and Apple

Spreadthesign, the sign language dictionary. European Commission – Education & Training

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Thursday April 16, 2009

updated on Wednesday March 17, 2010

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Antje Uhle, München, Esslingen, Blaubeuren und…


Ein Bild von Antje Uhle. Mehr Infos unten.

Travemünde und der 31. Dezember. Silvesterabend in Travemünde? Ab 19 Uhr bei der Open-Air-Party? Und gefallen euch Oldies & Danceclassics oder das »Dinner for one«? Und Meinungen sind willkommen über die drei Feuerwerke von Mitternacht bis 0.30 Uhr!

30.12.09 – Blaubeuren. Frag die Wirtin, Kneipe-Quiz in Blaubeuren am Mittwoch, den 30. Dezember um 20 Uhr. Und am 31. Dezember und am 2. Januar etwas Anderes. Übernachten in dieser Stadt? Unter den Hotels habt ihr auch das Hotel-Restaurant Löwen mit drei Sternen und Preisen zwischen 42 und 72 Euros zur Verfügung. Und schliesslich Trip Advisor und diese baden-württembergische Stadt. Bitte auch unten oder die Kategorien sehen!

Stuttgart und die Queen. Stuttgart, die Musical »We Will Rock You« und die Queen von Freddy Mercury und Brian May oder auch mehr Events. Werdet ihr vielleicht diese Stadt unten abstimmen?

Esslingen. Der Esslinger Mittelaltermarkt und Weihnacthsmarkt und der Tourismus. Und wie findet ihr Oberesslingen?

Blaubeuren und… Der Blautopf, Blaubeuren und der Tourismus oder der Hotzenwald und die Festungsruine Hohentwiel. Werdet ihr vielleicht diese Reisezielen unten abstimmen?

05.12.09 – Dellè und Stuttgart. Dellè wird im Club Zapata in Stuttgart heute abend,den 05. Dezember, dasein.

04.12.09 – Dresden. Dellè wird am 4. Dezember mit sicher vieler Musik im Kulturzentrum »Strasse E« von Dresden da sein. Habt ihr ein Lieblingssong? Bitte unten sehen und für Dresden für Touristen hier oder hier anklicken. Dresden Tourismus und Twitter und diese Stadt, Tourismus und Deutschland.

27.08.09 – Lübeck. Liebe Lübecker, keine Ahnung von dem »Teufel von St. Marien«, dem Steinaltmännchen und einem „bringenden Maus“ und seinem Glück? Und von der Lübschen Kaufmann, von Heringen, Stockfischen und weißem Gold und von der Gangbutscher in den Gängen und Höfen? Hilfe bitte…

Ich habe diese Wörter bei einem Text über eine Kinderstadtführung ins Lübecker Mittelalter, die auch am Sonntag, dem 30. August, um 14 Uhr stattfindet. Woher? Aus dem Welcome Center der Lübeck und Travemünde Marketing. Wo findet ihr dieses Büro? Am Holstentorplatz 1 – vielleicht beim Holstentor – für sechs Euro pro Kind von 6 bis 14 Jahren. Die Dauer? Von 1 1/2 bis 2 Stunden…

14.08.09 – Das Duckstein Festival in Kiel. Noch das Duckstein Festival, aber dieses Mal in Kiel. Am Montag, den 17. August, ist Ruben Cossani ab 19.30 Uhr auf der Wasserbühne Gast. Um 19 und 22 Uhr Dave Evans im Theaterplatz und um 18.15 und 20.25 Uhr „The Fifth Wheel“, Marionetten Theater aus St. Petersburg – soweit ich weiss. Mehr über das Duckstein Festival unten…

Am Dienstag, den 18. August, die „Simple – Frisches“, ein Hamburger Soul-Trio, auf der Wasserbühne ab 19.30 Uhr und noch „The Fifth Wheel“ im Theaterplatz um 18.15 und 20.25 Uhr. Da auch die „Prise de Pied“ um 19 und 22.15 Uhr.

12.08.09 – Travemünde. Vom Samstag, den 15. August, bis zum 20. September Wind Art Travemünde… Am Samstag den 15. und am Sonntag den 16. August „Holstentor Boule Turnier“ in Travemünde… Am 16. „Rolling Home“ auf der Viermastbark Passat… Noch etwas?

12.08.09 – Ein Glühwürmchen und Kinderstadtführungen in Lübeck. Ich wundere mich worüber, dass es das Wort „Hurra“ auch im Deutschen sowie im Italienischen gibt. Wo habe ich dieses Wort gefunden? In einem Satz, der „Hurra, es sind Ferien“ lautete und fiktiv von Kindern ausgesprochen wurde. Diesen Satz habe ich gelesen in einem Angebot-Werbetext für einen Familienurlaub in Lübeck und Travemünde mit Kind und Kegel und fürs „Nightlife für Kinder“…

Was ist das?! Erstens schreibe ich vielleicht euch „wann“ und dann „was“… „Wann“ bedeutet donnerstags, freitags und samstags von 19 bis 23 Uhr bis 5. September für Kinder von 6 bis 12 Jahren und ihr sollt eure Termine buchen. Aber jetzt beschreibe ich „was“…

Gustav Glüh, das kleine Glühwürmchen, ist da, um „leuchtend durch die Nacht“ zu schwirren und „neue Freunde für gemeinsames Nachtschwärmen“ zu suchen. Welche sind die Vorteile für „Mama und Papa“ und den Kindern? Die ersten werden „mal wieder zum ungestörten Kuschelabend“ eingeladen – und die zweiten „zu einer aufregenden Urlaubsnacht ohne die Großen“ und natürlich zu Abenteuer. Sie bedeuten zum Beispiel „den Sternenhimmel erkunden, einen Schatz in der Piratenbucht suchen, eine Märchenprinzessin spielen, Hip Hop tanzen lernen, Mister X durch die Altstadt verfolgen und echte Seesterne streicheln“…

03.08.09 – »Die Schatzinsel« und Travemünde. Gefällt euch die Literatur? Der Roman „Die Schatzinsel“ von Robert Louis Stevenson wird theatralisch am Mittwoch 5. August um 18.30 Uhr. Wo? Auf der Passat in Travemünde, vielleicht einer Theaterbühne, und der Eintritt kostet neun oder zwölf Euro…

28.07.09 – Das Duckstein Festival in Lübeck. Duckstein Festival auch in Lübeck vom Freitag, dem 31. Juli, wahrscheinlich zwischen dem SAS Radisson Senator Hotel und der MuK, der Musik- und Kongresshalle… Die Bonita & Band und Sebastian Cuthbert werden ab 19.45 Uhr spielen und ich kenne sie nicht… Ich kenne Pete Sweet auch nicht, der am Theaterplatz ab 18.55 und 22.45 Uhr am Freitag und ab 16 und 19.25 Uhr am Samstag spielen wird…  Früher Klirr Deluxe ab 18.15 und 20.55 Uhr. Kenne ich sie oder ihn? Oder vielleicht kenne ich sie oder ihn nicht? Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich euch viel Spass…

Samstag und Sonntag. Noch zwei Tage fürs Duckstein Festival. Salt Peanuts fängt den Tag auf der Travebühne an und dann The Terri Green Project ab 20 Uhr.  Zeit auch am Theaterplatz für den Tumble Circus ab 17.15 und 21 Uhr am Samstag und ab 16.30 und 21.15 Uhr am Sonntag und Christoph Haese und die Trapezdarbietung ab 19 und 23 Uhr am Samstag und ab 17.15 und 20.35 Uhr am Sonntag.

Am Sonntag, dem 2. August, Helmut Jederknüller & sein Super Stereo à Gogo Orchester ab 16 Uhr auf der Travebühne und Peter Caulton und the A-team ab 19.30. Mario und sein Zirkus ab 18.45 und 22.15 Uhr beim Theaterplatz.

12.02.09 – Mary Poppins in München und Antje Uhle. Premiere von „Mary Poppins“ als Kinderbuch-Theater morgen – 13. Februar – im Marstall in München um 15 Uhr. Die bayerische Aufführung inkludiert auch Musik – vielleicht von der deutschen Jazz-Sängerin Antje Uhle? – und die nächsten Vorstellungen finden am Sonntag um 11 Uhr und 15 Uhr, am 22 Februar um 11 Uhr und am 8 März wieder um 11 Uhr und 15 Uhr statt.

Wikinger, eine Familie. Ein kleiner Wikingerjunge, Wickie, seine Eltern Ylva und Halvar und ihre Welt… Vorstellungen am Freitag, Sonnabend und Sonntag jeweils um 15 Uhr bis zum 6. September…

Homer. Auch am Samstag, den 29. August, noch »Odyssee am Strand«…

01.07.09 Odysseus. Der altgriechischer Schriftsteller Homer, die griechische Insel von Ithaka und Odysseus. Aber auch die Zauberin Zirze, die Höhle des Zyklopen, Kalypso und mehr. Am 4. Juli und in anderen Tagen kann das Theaterstück „Odyssee am Strand“ am Meer sehen. Die Vorstellung findet am Strand von Travemünde um 21 Uhr statt. Der Eintritt kostet 10 oder 15 Euro.

04.08.09. Noch „Odyssee am Strand“ am Freitag den 7. und Samstag den 8. August und am Freitag den 14. und am Samstag den 15. August am Strand von Travemünde… Aber diesesmal um 20.30 Uhr…

Regatta und die Musik. Vom 17. Juli bis zum 2. August die Travemünder Woche. Ich weiss nicht, was sie anbieten, aber sicher bieten sie eine Regatta, die Internationalen Deutschen Jugend- und Jüngstenmeisterschaften in allen Bootsklassen, Musik und Shows an. Der Ort für alles ist die lokale Veranstaltungsgelände an der Travemündung.

Cocoba Nuss-Nougatcreme, Equita Schokoaufstrich, Cocoba Crème Nuss-Nougat-Brotaufstrich,Coop Max Havelaar Haselnuss-Brotaufstrich

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13. Februar 2009

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Berlin, Lübeck und Aachen. Winterreiten, Basel und eine Glockenausstellung in Südtirol

Winterreiten in Südtirol und eine Haflinger-Stute. Um das eigene beste Reiseziel abzustimmen, bitte unten sehen. Basel, der Tourismus und das Matterhorn. Hotel und andere Übernachtungen in Basel.

26.08.09 Lange Nacht der Museen in Berlin am Sonnabend, den 29. August, von 18 bis 2 Uhr. Wo?

Route 1. Beim „Altes Museum“, im Anne Frank Zentrum, bei dem Berliner Dom, dem Bode-Museum, dem DDR-Museum, dem „Deutches historisches Museum“, der Friedrichswerdersche Kirche, dem Mitte Museum am Festungsgraben, dem Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt, der „Temporäre Kunsthalle“, dem Automobil Forum unter den Linden, dem „deutsche Guggenheim“ und mehr. Route 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 und 8. Fußroute und außerhalb der Routen .

Die Hansestadt. Lübecker Museumsnacht am Samstag, dem 29. August von 18 Uhr bis Mitternacht… Bei dem Brahms-Institut, der Overbeck-Gesellschaft und St. Petri und die Karte kosten von drei bis zu neun Euro.

Auch die Museumsnacht für Kinder von 18 bis 21 Uhr bei dem Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus, der Galerie des 19. Jahrhunderts und der Klassischen Moderne, dem Museum Holstentor, dem Museum für Natur und Umwelt, im Buddenbrookhaus, im Günter Grass-Haus, bei dem Forum für Literatur und Bildende Kunst, dem Kulturforum Burgkloster mit Museum für Archäologie , dem TheaterFigurenMuseum und im Willy Brandt-Haus. Die Karte kostet hier drei Euro.

Literarischer Spaziergang mit Besuch im Günter Grass-Haus am Sonntag, dem 30. August, von 11 bis 12.30 Uhr im Buddenbrookhaus… Der Eintritt kostet acht Euro.

Führung „Die Macht des Handels“ beim Museum Holstentor am 30. August von 11.30 bis 13 Uhr.

Aachen. Lange Nacht der Museen auch in Aachen bei dem Fernmeldemuseum, im Atelierhaus, bei der Bleiberger Fabrik, dem Chio-Museum, dem Couven Museum, der „Deutsche Bank“, der Domschatzkammer, der Hauptbahnhof Aachen, dem Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, dem Nak, dem Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum, dem Theater Aachen und dem Zollmuseum Friedrichs. Abschluss-Party beim Club Zero.

Museumsnächte in Deutschland, in Bern und Basel. Bilder von einem Luzerner Museumsnacht

17.08.09 Der Bischof Wilhelm Egger und ein Buch. Werdet ihr an der Vorstellung des Buches „Bischof Wilhelm Egger (1940 – 2008)“ am Montag, den 17. August, um 11 Uhr im Konferenzsaal im Pastoralzentrum in Bozen teilnehmen?

13.08.09 Noch ein bisschen Geduld… Nur bis zum Sonntag, 16. August, sind die Ämter am bischöflichen Ordinariat im Pastoralzentrum in Bozen geschlossen… Ab Montag, 17. August 2009, sind die Ämter wieder geöffnet… Was habt ihr zu tun, wenn ich fragen darf?

23.07.09 Seid ihr katholisch und in Bozen und in der Nähe? Es ist Christophorus-Sonntag am 26. Juli… Das diözesane Missionsamt bittet um Spenden für die Unterstützung der Arbeit der Missionare…

31.10.08 Eine Glockenausstellung – „Hör es isch Zeit…“ bis heute, dem 31. Oktober, bis 18 Uhr im Museum Ladin in St. Martin in Thurn für die Leser von meinem Blog aus Südtirol. Freier Eintritt und es gebe nach der Provinz Bozen die Möglichkeit, die Glocken von St. Ulrich und Wengen in Südtirol zu sehen.

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Cocoba Nuss-Nougatcreme, Equita Schokoaufstrich, Cocoba Crème Nuss-Nougat-Brotaufstrich,Coop Max Havelaar Haselnuss-Brotaufstrich

– Für SüdtirolerInnen: Neomedia

– Die Benedektinerabtei Muri-Gries in Bozen – mit dem Haus Sankt Benedikt Studentenwohnheim und die Klosterkellerei

31. Oktober 2008

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