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Mail Sorting, Bureau of Red Tape and Work Cartoons by Reader’s Digest, Dan Reynolds and Dave Carpenter. Other cartoons by Eckstein, Le Lievre, Schwadron and Harris and a video album of mine about this magazine.

Douglas Alexander, Ed Balls, Mike Smithson and SNP in an article by Nick Cohen for the Observer, but, above all, two sentences like

In foreign policy, too few people again realise that the Liberal Democrats are not true internationalists but a Fortress Europe party indifferent to the needs of those suffering beyond the EU’s walls. Thus they opposed the second Iraq war for good reasons, but offered no support to Iraqi liberals and democrats hoping for something better after 30 years of unremitting tyranny.

But also in this article Evan Harris and Norman Lamb are quoted as well as Vince Cable and the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Some constituencies and the general election. Candidates in Dagenham and Rainham, Bethnal Green and Bow, Poplar and Limehouse, Stoke-on-Trent Central and Lancashire West.

But also in Aberavon (victory for Hywel Francis), Aberdeen South (victory for Anne Begg) and North (victory for Frank Doran), Aberdeenshire West and Kincardine (victory for Robert Smith), Belfast South, Birmingham Hall Green, Bournemouth West, Bristol North West, Cardiff South and Penarth, Coventry North West, Cornwall South East, Croydon North, Derby South, Devon East, Dorset South, Ealing North, Edinburgh South, Exeter, Glasgow North, Greenwich and Woolwich, Guildford, Hammersmith, Hull East, Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, Ipswich, Isle of Wight, Kensington, Leeds East, Leicester South, Liverpool Walton, Luton North, Manchester Central, Newcastle upon Tyne Central, Oxford East, Nottingham East, Reading East, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, Slough, Somerset North, Southampton Itchen, Stratford-on-Avon, Tottenham, Wimbledon and Windsor.

Below something else about Iraq or something else that might not be of interest for you.

Iraq, London and Khyam Allami. BBC Asian Network and 6 Music. Radio 3’s World Routes with Lucy Duran and Khyam Allami, a London based musician of Iraqi descent.

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Balkan Beat Box. The song War Again by Balkan Beat Box.

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Music. A playlist of mine with songs and bad words, memories and a love that is over.

Afghanistan. Photos from Afghanistan? Surely a good idea by the Reader’s Digest.

Afghanistan and Europe. Afghanistan and a video by the European Commission.

31.03.10 – Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars and Vermont. The Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars will be on tour on April 7 at the Higher Ground in Burlington, United States.

Refugees and The Refugee Day. Have you taken part today – or, let’s write in another way, will you take part – to the World Refugee Day? Here’s an article by Deutsche Welle with particulars about the organisation, Claus-Ulrich Proelss, the head of the non-government organization Cologne Refugee Council, and Ulrich Austermuehle from the Red Cross tracing service in Bonn.

The Huffington Post, RI (Refugees International), Iraq and the “aftermath” of the Civil War. The author, Luis Carlos Montalván, writes: “It looks as though the US response to the Iraqi refugee problem has come up wanting, on every front”.

– Survivors of war and the Reader’s Digest.

An excerpt from this text is also what I write now: “But Lincoln was struck down the following month and the Bureau was officially abolished in 1872. Consequently, from 1877 to 1965, States and localities enacted “Jim Crow laws” thereby stifling Lincoln’s vision of assisting the refugees (mostly former slaves). It would take 99 years for the US Civil Rights Act of 1964 to renew what Lincoln began”. Have a nice reading…

A refugee and a famous actress

Is effective the work of a goodwill ambassador? Anyway, there would be areas who are now out of bounds for aid troops in Afghanistan…

Fire, migrants and a protest. Fire in the island of Lampedusa after a protest by some illegal immigrants.

The strong determination not to return home. The fire took place at an Italian refugee centre in an island located between the rest of Sicily – near the town of Agrigento – and the North African coasts of  Libya.

An anthologyGo home: 12 moving stories – about migration with works by “young comic artists from Europe and Asia”.


Saturday June 20, 2009

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Gays, Rupert Murdoch and B&Bs

Is “Murdoch’s hunger for power” a “looming threat to democracy”? Do you agree with Henry Porter and the Observer? The UK like Italy?

Gays, general elections and the Tories. General elections in the UK for the Observer. Gays, bed & breakfasts and Chris Grayling (audio). ‘No gays, no blacks, no Irish.’?

13.07.09 – Cheney and C.I.A. Cheney “is linked to concealment of C.I.A. project” according to the New York Times.

01.11.08 – McCain and Obama. Final push from Saturday – it writes the website of the New York Times – for the candidates and senators John McCain and Barack Obama. According to the online newspaper, Obama aims at three Republican states and will be on Sunday in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. In fact he “was using the last days of the contest to make incursions into Republican territory, campaigning Saturday in three states — Colorado, Nevada and Missouri — that President Bush won comfortably in 2004”.

And it writes later on: “In addition to the states he visited on Saturday, Mr. Obama was planning stops Sunday in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, states that went Republican four years ago”. The online version of the British newspaper The Guardian confirms the expectations of Obama’s team. “With strong Democratic turnout in early voting, Obama’s team – it writes – expects to hold all the states that John Kerry won in 2004 and add Republican states from Colorado to Virginia. They are to advertise in Arizona for the first time, and are putting fresh resources into Georgia and North Dakota. The decision to target Arizona may be designed to try to spook McCain, who has not campaigned in his home state, assuming it was solid”.

This intention is confirmed by the most famous newspaper of New York according to which Obama bought ads in Arizona, Mc Cain’s state, to let him add a campaign in his home state (“In what seemed as much a symbolic tweak as a real challenge, Mr. Obama purchased advertising time in Arizona, Mr. McCain’s home state, apparently prompting Mr. McCain to tack on a last-minute campaign rally in his home state on Monday”).

This intention seems confirmed by the Guardian which writes that “Barack Obama’s team demonstrated its confidence of victory by yesterday announcing it is to extend its campaign deep into the Republican heartland, even into John McCain’s home state Arizona”.

On the other side, Mc Cain was in a Republican state, Virginia, sought after by the Democrats, and also in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, two Democratic states in 2004 that the Republicans would like to conquer: “Mr. McCain – the New York Times writes – started the day in Virginia, a once-solidly Republican state that Democrats now feel is within their grasp. But he then turned his attention to two states that voted Democratic in 2004 — Pennsylvania and New Hampshire — reflecting what his aides said was polling in both states suggesting the race was tightening up”.

Or – as the Guardian writes with its other words: “McCain will spend the weekend canvassing in Virginia and New Hampshire. DuHaime disputed a poll in the New York Times suggesting McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, was a drag on his campaign – with 59% saying she was not ready to be president. He said she had attracted 20,000 to a rally on Thursday, in contrast with 800 for Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden. But a longtime McCain ally and former Republican cabinet member, Lawrence Eagleburger, speaking on National Public Radio on Thursday was categorical in saying Palin was not up for the job”.

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November 1, 2008

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