Netsukes, Japan and museums. Dudmaston and Shropshire

BBC  Asian Network

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I have searched netsuke in a page by BBC Asian Network and I have found these pages about a Japanese netsuke for tying pouches,  an ivory netsuke of the Seven Lucky Gods, the netsuke Dragon and Phoenix in a bottle and a collection of Japanese sculptures discovered in Shropshire. But you may also like these video albums of mine about this radio station, the Asian Network or food, Aman Hayer, Angrej Ali and Nachdi De, India and Pakistan.

Ohio. Carolyn Putney, the collector Richard Silverman, the Toledo Museum of Art and netsuke, which should be small toggles. I have read about them in a page with a video about the exhibition “Life in Miniature”. And there is also a video album of mine about Ohio and tourism, holidays.

Dudmaston Estate.

01.02.11 Visitor reception assistant in Shropshire, Midlands, the UK @ Dudmaston.

Tuesday November 2, 2010

Updated on Monday February 7, 2011

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