Loredana Errore, Jessica Brando, Valerio Scanu, «Ballando con le stelle» e…


Loredana Errore, Jessica Brando e Valerio Scanu

Il mio profilo su un sito video, un secondo ed un terzo

Una foto delle Vibrazioni ai Giorni di un’emittente televisiva giovanile e musicale. Una foto di Simone Cristicchi alla stessa manifestazione.

Forse non conoscerete la cantante Susanna Wallumrød (vedere anche sotto), ma eccovi un testo sulla sua Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos. Magari può interessarvi oppure no…

Loredana Errore ed Agrigento. Un video.

La “seconda” Loredana Errore e «Top Of The Pops». Loredana Errore per la seconda volta a Top Of The Pops di Raidue. Commenti?

Grignani, Luca Marino e Jessica Brando. E, magari, vi scrivo degli altri cantanti ospiti (Gianluca Grignani, Karima Ammar, Luca Marino e Jessica Brando).

Le «news» su Emma Marrone e… Ma anche Emma Marrone, Le Vibrazioni, Robbie Williams e Florence And The Machine.

Karima Ammar e… Ed i Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera, Karima Ammar  e Gwen Stefani.

Scanu. Avete seguito Valerio Scanu dalla conduttrice radiofonica Zac parlare di Pupo ed altro? Magari trovate anche qualche altro intervento in radio – per esempio su Radio Italia – cliccando sulla categoria “scaniana” a destra.

Crema al cacao con nocciole ed anacardi, cioccolato fondente con nocciole o gianduia con nocciole intere oppure al latte con nocciole e nocciole intere

Un pomeriggio fitto di impegni, care “zie” di Valerio Scanu. Il vincitore di Sanremo e vostro amatissimo sarà a Top of the pops di Raidue, a Radio Italia e da Milly Carlucci, a Ballando con le stelle di Raiuno.

Mousse T. C’è ancora «Is It ‘Cos I’m Cool» di Mousse T nella classifica delle cinquanta canzoni di «50 Songs»? E seguirete il rock alle sei di sera, la musica “cittadina” di The FlowIl flusso – subito dopo e la musica delle discoteche a mezzanotte e mezza?

Ancora Mousse T ed «Is It ‘Cos I’m Cool». Questa canzone ed un’altra radio.

Cammarata e paesi vicini. C’è un’altra emittente – Radio Spazio Noi – anche nella zona di Cammarata e paesi vicini, oltre che in provincia di Palermo.

14.12.08 – L’Inghilterra e Susanna Wallumrød. Sentivo un programma di Bbc Radio3, Late Junction, e la prima composizione proposta era di tale Susanna con Bonnie Prince Billy tratta dall’album della prima, «Flower of Evil».

Il «Fiore del male» norvegese. Ho fatto una ricerca in rete ed il primo risultato era questo. Se vi può essere d’interesse….

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14 dicembre ‘08 – aggiornato 2 novembre ‘10

Risparmio energetico (forse)?

Jack DeJohnette and Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour. Purcell, Messiaen and Ligeti


Bob Dylan is in good company on BBC Radio3’s Late Junction with Henry Purcell, Olivier Messiaen and György Ligeti. Just a question, however, to conclude. Why on earth Ligeti’s music on BBC 6 Music and Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone?

Anyway, a video album of mine about operas, orchestras and symphony.

Dylan. Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan on 6 Music and also other programmes by Shaun Keaveny and Steve Lamacq.

Music. Sanctus Real, their song Forgiven.

Donna Summer, Mika and Giorgio Moroder. The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on Saturday from seven to ten pm on BBC 6 Music. Larry Harris from Casablanca Records joined the presenter last week and who knows whether they talked about Donna Summer, Mika, George Clinton and Parliament. Or maybe about the soundtrack to Flashdance and Midnight Express or the Midnight Express Theme by Giorgio Moroder.

Pete Doherty, Kate Moss and this radio station. A playlist of mine about 6 Music.

MIKEY J. and Enrique Benitez. Mic Check, DJ Limelight and Kan D Man on Saturday from ten pm to midnight with MIKEY J. and Enrique Benitez on BBC Asian Network.

Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Karan Johar join Raj and Pablo from Love Bollywood. A playlist of mine about BBC Asian Network.

A playlist of mine.

‘One for Junia’ performed by Jack DeJohnette and the Jerwood All Stars in Jazz On 3. On BBC Radio3 with Jez Nelson.

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Music, Morocco and British leading actors

UK’s leading actors and a protest letter addressed to voters about BBC.

Appeal to voters. In an article by Vanessa Thorpe and the Observer.

Ravi Shankar, Satie, Messiaen and Indonesia. BBC Radio3’s Late Junction, Fiona Talkington and Ravi Shankar’s Raga Lalit with Prodyot sen and Kamala on tamboura. Also on this programme Kalimantan bamboo percussion from Indonesia, Satie’s Sur un lanterne, O Sacrum Convivium Messiaen and the Awlad Hajj Al-Mahi Ensemble with Sal Al-Rakb/Enquire About The Convoy.

Shankar and the Asian Network. Ravi Shankar was also played on BBC Asian Network in Weekend Gujarati with Dev Parmar. And do you listen to 6 Music? Here there is Shankar at Live at Four on this radio station.

Music playlists. Here there are playlists of mine about the Asian Network and 6 Music.

One Republic and tv. One Republic, All The Right Moves at abc’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (video).

Morocco and Spain. Have you already been as tourists in Marrakech and Morocco? From the Netherlands? Your experience there? And Alicante, Playa Xagò or Santiago de Compostela in Spain?

Mortensen, Clooney, films… and music? Viggo Mortensen and The Road (trailer) and Up in the Air with George Clooney (trailer).

David Bowie. A page “Film Weekly” by The Observer (audio) and…. “I am a passenger” by David Bowie. Will I write about music in these films?

07.12.08 – Does music redeem? Have you seen the French film Les Choristes (The Chorus)? The website of the British newspaper The Guardian defined it “a postwar boarding school drama”. “Set in an authoritarian reform school in 1949, – the Guardian adds – the film focuses on the attempts of a dissident master to subvert the draconian regime by teaching the boys to sing, and shows the redemptive power of music on the boys”.

Draconian. I wondered what “draconian” means and then I looked up the word in my English dictionary and found these meanings – “of or relating to Draco or his code of laws” and “harsh”. Instead, Draco is described as “7th century B.C., Athenian statesman, whose code of laws (621) prescribed death for most offences”.

Film for families? Moreover, there are other opinions in that article. “It is a family feelgood movie – the journalist Amelia Gentleman writes – with a saccharine gloss which has chimed with a new French nostalgia for the postwar era. Due for release in Britain in January, it is being promoted as an export to rival the international success of Amélie in 2002”.

Well, that is what this quality newspaper writes, but first of all I would ask you whether it is really a family feelgood movie. Maybe it is partially, at least according to me, but I do not think it is that way a lot. After all and as an add to this opinion of mine, I do not think it has a saccharine gloss and the reference to Amélie is really very fascinating with hindsight because both movies are two very nice French films (but why ever is there no reference to Chocolat?).
Fashionable singing? Eventually I read about a particular in the article I did not know – that is “Les Choristes is a remake of the 1945 French hit La Cage aux Rossignols (The Cage of Nightingales)” – and, moreover, we can read an opinion of the director Christophe Barratier about the plot too. “This isn’t – he says – a particularly fashionable subject”. I do not know what are your opinions about it, but personally I think that he may be right. Maybe he really is or more probably he is not… Who knows but you…

Train. Five night in Provence and travel from the UK – London St Pancras and Ebbsfleet International – by train from 399 pounds. The supplier is Travel Editions and the itinerary includes Aix-en-Provence, the Luberon, Uzes, Pont du Garde, Orange, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Arles, Baux-de-Provence and the Camargue. The accomodation happens at the Bristol Hotel in Avignon and at the Avignon Grand Hotel.

Paintings. A real travel and two nights for an exhibition in Paris from 175 pounds. You would travel by train to see works by Turner, Canaletto, Titian and Rembrandt at the Grand Palais. The supplier is VFB Holidays.

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