Simulated sex, whips and leather uniforms. Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight” and Madonna

Is Christina Aguilera’s video a parody of Madonna’s style? Are they boring?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Piano ballads, Australia, the UK and Germany.

And do you listen to BBC Asian Network (videos) or 6 Music (videos)?

No sound for Asian Britain? Save the BBC Asian Network! From a blog and a deejay:

Trust has received 1000 complaints to keep Asian Network open. This is ridiculous. The station is key to the Asian music scene.  Seems apathy has reared it’s ugly head in regards to Save BBC Asian Network. Come on everyone, we can do better than 1000 complaints. EMAIL NOW to Save BBC Asian Network. Just be honest. Keep it simple or state your reasons for not closing it down.

Blog. Why signing up to my blog? To read someting else about music, pop and Christina Aguilera. Please see the right side of this page.

My profiles in NetLog, Plurk, I Like, Bebo, Friendfeed, Twitter and Facebook.

Music. A playlist of mine with songs by Lily Allen (Fuck You), David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi (Memories) and Amy Macdonald (Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over).

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Wednesday May 19, 2010


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Leona Lewis’ I Got You, travelling and food e-mail

Leona Lewis and travel

Reader’s Digest and food

Greek olive oil Bläuel. Spinach and goat cheese omelet and 13 chef’s secrets for the best breakfast.

Naturism and a cartoon by Russell Harris for the Reader’s Digest. “After we came all this way”, a man with a beard and a monkey. For naturism please see below as well and also Rescued by H. L. Schwadron, Hung Up On Cartoon by Bob Eckstein (blog) and Prehistoric Ice Hockey by Glen Le Lievre.

Singing. A music playlist of mine.

Tasting and enjoying Italian food. 25 Italian restaurant words from and a playlist of mine about the Reader’s Digest.

Mediterranean diet and diabetes. Do you follow the Mediterranean diet or do you know anyone who’s diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? And have you read this article in the Reader’s Digest by Janis Graham?

Mediterranean eating. Eating plans and the Mediterranean plan for the Guardian Eat Right by the Observer. Yoghurt with fruit and nuts, salmon with roast vegetables, pasta salad and fruit and crackers and hummus…

Madagascar and Africa. The website of Madagascar National Tourism Board. South Africa for 15 nights with the supplier Riviera Travel for 1499 pounds and the Nile for seven nights from 649 pounds with another supplier, Discover Egypt.

Australia and Oceania. Australia and tourism.

Orange and lemon. Do you like blood orange or lemon juices and taroc? And essential oils? And where are they from? From Termini Imerese in Sicily or…?

Leona Lewis. The video of Leona Lewis’ I Got You and a playlist of mine about this singer.

This video is popular in the UK and Spain and you may find something about these two countries below.

I have found it through Plurk. Thanks to this social network.

Internet and Asian Britain. My profiles in PlurkI Like, Bebo, Friendfeed, Twitter and Facebook. And do you listen to BBC Asian Network (videos)?

No sound for Asian Britain? Save the BBC Asian Network! From a blog and a deejay:

Trust has received 1000 complaints to keep Asian Network open. This is ridiculous. The station is key to the Asian music scene.  Seems apathy has reared its ugly head in regards to Save BBC Asian Network. Come on everyone, we can do better than 1000 complaints. EMAIL NOW to Save BBC Asian Network. Just be honest. Keep it simple or state your reasons for not closing it down.

22.11.09 – Thailand. Have you ever travelled to Thailand and Bangkok? Would you like to travel there? Please see below as well.

Mediterranean countries for “The Observer” and more

Italian… “Agriturismi” in Italy? Here there is an article by The Observer about Castellabate, the Cilento national park not very far from Naples, fried fresh anchovies with bread, olives and tomatoes and linguine with baby squid and broad beans. Should I write more about “agriturismi”? I am really addressing this question to tourists, and not to tourist operators…

Cancun, Mexico, Central America and Asia. Have you ever been to Cancun in Mexico or Thailand? And maybe from Sweden? Which are the flights? And where have you been?

Sitges. September in Spain from the UK? In Sitges? Do you know salsa music? Or maybe do you like to eat in tapas restaurants?

Again Italy. Do you like whales or dolphins in the Ligurian Sea or maybe Basilicata with southern Apennines and “bread from bakeries in Matera, wine from Aglianico and cheese from the mountains”? And do you like this list by The Observer?

An island. Sardinia‘s Supramonte Mountains and plateau, Sorgente Su Gologone and the Lanaittu Valley or a Nuraghic village. Any help needed by the Association for Tourist Services, Culture and Environment in Orgosolo or the Agrituristica Guthiddai? Would you like to taste boiled sheep, roasted pork, bread and salami or cheese, local wine and olive oil?

Going on with food, would you feel like eating almonds, carob, olive, pistachio and walnut trees? In Can Marti – Ibiza, Spain, with Swiss owners… Furthermore there is “homemade bread with local jam and honey”…

Spain and France. And what about Cortes de la Frontera in Spain and a lot of place in France like Béziers, the Languedoc, the Canal du Midi and Carcassonne? Or the vineyards of Minervois, Ventenac and the Cathar castle at Lastours? A wind farm there…

Burgundy and gay naturism. A gay naturist retreat in Burgundy by Citronniers with a price of 80 euros per night per person with a 3-course evening meal, full English breakfast, lunch and all drinks included.

– Morris’ blog about late breaking gays.

Marche. And would you like mountains’ cycling holidays in Alpujarras, Spain, as the second page of the article offers? Or an agriturismo in Le Marche, Italy? Here more information…

Cycling and eating. Do you know the village of Bérchules and the Alpujarras? And the Sierra Nevada above Granada and the Mulhacén in Spain? Do you like mountains’ cycling and picnicking? You should pay 630 euros a week.

Farming. A country house and organically run farm in Le Marche, Italy… What? A five-course evening meal?! Incredible… And “heating is solar-powered and there’s a wood-fired stove fuelled by coppicing from the farm woods”. Plus truffle-hunting not very far from Rimini, Urbino and Ancona. Doubles from €110 including breakfast.

Ssese’s Islands. Do you know where the tropical Ssese’s Islands are? If you would like to know it, please see this reportage by Richard Eilers for The Observer… Sands, forest walks, a lake, fried tilapia, above all the rapids and Bob Marley… And, moreover, as for names, Kampala, the MS Kalangala from Entebbe to Bugala, Lutoboka, Kibale Forest national park and the Bassese and, as for animals, gorillas and chimpanzees…

The Nile. And do you know what mzungu means, who Idi Amin is and where Jinja and the Bujagali Falls are? Clues for my question are the Nile and the lakes Nyinambuga and Victoria… Last, but not least, have you ever been to the Ssese Islands Beach Hotel, the Haven, the Ndali Lodge and to the Gately on Nile? Have you ever met South Africans or Americans?

Aircraft. You can fly to Entebbe from Brussels with Brussels Airlines on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10.40 to 19.35; from Amsterdam and from London Heathrow to Entebbe  with KLM. Among the other national parks in Uganda there would be the Bwindi Impenetrable national park in the south-west, Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth national parks and “the Foreign Office advises against travel to the Karamoja region, in the north-east”.

Difficult situation for Less tourists in Ireland with visitors from Britain down by 22.8 per cent or from other parts of Europe by 20 per cent. Sad situation, but let’s hope…

Southern Italy. What follows is not an ad and I know my readers should be very intelligent. So I add this link to a project for 122 two and three bed villas and townhouses near Sciacca, Sicily, Italy.

Northern and Central Italy. Do you like Castel Fidardo, near Ancona? And Vicobarone Ziano Piacentino, near Piacenza in Emilia Romagna?



Photos of ostriches

Sheeps and a wolf – a cartoon in the website of Reader’s Digest

A particular snail – Caterpillar Gazing in

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Tuesday July 14, 2009

updated on Monday September 20, 2010

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Bellinzona e… in questa foto alberi cinesi, africani o australiani ed un cedro del Libano?

Blog e blog sui viaggi

bortografia 876. gli alberi multiculturali di Bellinzona, in Svizzera. Lo stessto testo anche qui e qui.

Martedì dieci maggio ’11

Gabriele Lavia, Lucio Battisti e Vasco Rossi. Gli universitari e la provincia di Agrigento


Il programma La compagnia del libro dell’emittente Tv2000, il cantante Ricky Gianco ed il gruppo dei Beatles.

Edoardo Savatteri la musica in provincia di Agrigento. Beh, cominciamo con la lista. Innanzitutto, vi piace il Jazz trio del pianista Edoardo Savatteri, di Michele Territo ed Antonio Fiore? E poi, continuando, i Sax Tape dei fratelli Brocceri, Pablo Dj e Francesco Frumento? Ed i deejay Walden ed Emanuele Polisano o Andrea Pellizzari ad Aragona?

Musica. Una mia prima sequenza con la roulette russa e il re-amore.

Una seconda che manda a quel paese (eufemismo), con gruppi, musica disco e “chiacchiericcio”.

Un’altra con musica neomelodica, un gruppo veneto, un cantante siciliano ed interpreti notissimi.

“Specializzate”, invece, una prima sequenza su un cantante rock emiliano ed una seconda su una stella sarda del pop e potete richiedere una canzone alle e-mail presenti in questa pagina.

13.01.10 – Kipling e Lavia. Ispirato ad un romanzo di Rudyard Kipling c’è il cartone Kim su Raigulp dopo le otto di sera e le undici di notte. E dov’è Ua Huka, tema di un documentario della stessa Tv2000, dopo le dieci meno venti di sera? Tornerà, inoltre, l’attore teatrale Gabriele Lavia dopo le otto di domattina ed anche venerdì quindici, lunedì diciotto e martedì diciannove.

La droga. Martedì mattino ci sarà anche un episodio “stupefacente” (nel senso che parla anche di droga) in L’ispettore Tibbs di un’emittente nazionale intorno alle dieci e mezza.

Gli aborigeni. Seguono gli aborigeni australiani, ma non proprio loro, in Due South un’ora dopo…

05.12.10 – Il Capodanno e la Befana in provincia di Agrigento. Buona Epifania e Befana a tutti, canicattinesi e non. Comincerete a festeggiarla stasera, martedì cinque dicembre, al Comida di Canicattì (a quanto sembra, in via Cesare Battisti) con Andrea Cassaro e Riccardo GaZ Gazziano? Ed il Jazz Trio del pianista Edoardo Savatteri, di Antonio Fiore e Michele Territo all’Elio’s Cafè di Porto Empedocle?

31.12.09 Pronti a festeggiare il Capodanno in provincia di Agrigento? E come lo festeggerete? Cenone e veglione? Concerto in piazza? E dove, ad Agrigento città, in piazza Stazione (piazza Marconi) con Sergio Calì e Mimmo Petrella dei Direzione Sud?

Vasco Rossi e… Dovrebbero esserci fra quattro ore – dopo mezzanotte –  anche Dario Indelicato e Dario Infurna dei Manalia, Federico Macedonio dell’Orchestra Luna rossa, Andrea Vanadia della Compagnia Eva Duarte, Salvatore Festalunga e Alfonso Barba dei Beast Blues Band, Gaetano Agrò degli Aetherea, Carmelo Salemi, Ausilio Polifemo dei Kosatosta e Claudia Rizzo dei Sunrise. Musiche annunciate di Donna Summer, Vasco Rossi, Ligabue, Paolo Belli, Jovanotti e Gloria Gaynor.

– Vasco Rossi, «Sto pensando a te» (video qui sotto).

Quanto ai veglioni, credo che i più importanti siano quelli del Vigneto con Provenzano Dj, Voice Sandro Bit, Dj Ross, Ranucci & Pelusi  A.K.A. Promiseland, probabilmente da una radio nazionale. Giorgio prezioso da questa radio sia al Magic Midnight di Canicattì che al Villa Sikania di Siculiana e nel primo caso c’è anche Costantino Vitagliano.

05.11.09 Arrivato il giovedì universitario ad Agrigento… Alle undici e mezza il deejay Andrea Cassaro al «Le Dinamique» del viale della Vittoria e Riccardo «Gaz» Gaziano ed un certo Leo al «Baraka Lounge» di via Cavaleri Magazzeni.

29.10.09 –  In «Direzione Sud». Beh, non so voi, ma io conosco un po’ – molto poco – l’agrigentino Michelangelo Calì, componente dei Direzione Sud, un gruppo locale che suonerà giovedì ventinove ottobre all’Oceanomare di San Leone dalle undici di sera. Mi chiedo, peraltro, se Oceanomare si scriva tutto unito oppure separato (Oceano mare).

I Beatles e Battisti. E vi chiedo anche se, finita l’estate, continuate a frequentare la terza spiaggia e se conoscete Sergio e Peppe Calì, Claudio Iacono e Mimmo Petrella. Fra la musica dei gruppi a cui i Direzione Sud dovrebbero ispirarsi, io sceglierei Francesco De Gregori e Lucio Battisti, preferendoli a Carlos Santana, ai Beatles, a Zucchero (Adelmo Sugar Fornaciari), Vasco Rossi, Stevie Wonder e Paolo Belli, ex dei Ladri di biciclette, famosi per Sotto questo sole.

In aggiunta, la serata sarà evidentemente ricca comprendendo anche il deejay Andrea Cassaro al Le Dynamique e  Ricardo Gaz Gazziano al Baraka Lounge di via Cavaleri Magazzeni dopo le undici e mezza.

– Luoghi turistici in Sicilia, Eraclea Minoa e la Valle (Vota)

– Quale di questi monumenti italiani vi piace di più? (Vota)

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Crema al cacao con nocciole ed anacardi, cioccolato fondente con nocciole o gianduia con nocciole intere oppure al latte con nocciole e nocciole intere

Spreadthesign, dizionario e linguaggio dei segni. Commissione europea – Istruzione e formazione

29 ottobre ‘09 – aggiornato 25 marzo ‘10

Risparmio energetico (forse)?

«Geo & Geo», Maria Teresa Giarratano ed i viaggi

Avete visto Montalbano Elicona a Geo & Geo di Raitre, con Sveva Sagramola? Categorie su questa cittadina più a destra ed un altro riferimento sotto.

La vendemmia sull’Etna. Etna, vendemmia 1963.

La fotografia di Sellerio. Una foto di Enzo Sellerio per una mostra Alinari.

La nocciola di Montalbano Elicona e... Ma ora vorrei scrivervi di nocciole e turismo. Fra i comuni delle nocciole ci sarebbero in Sicilia la città palermitana di Polizzi Generosa ed i territori messinesi di Castell’Umberto, Montalbano Elicona (foto), Sant’Angelo di Brolo, Raccuja, Santa Domenica Vittoria, San Piero Patti, San Salvatore Fitalia, Sinagra, Tortorici ed Ucria. Magari vi scrivo sugli agriturismi in questa zona. E le nocciole dell’Etna?

17.01.10 – Le Langhe di Pavese, l’Australia di Chatwin, Kipling e Guttuso. Viaggio in Italia di Rai Storia sulle Langhe di Cesare Pavese domattina alle undici meno un quarto.

Sullo stesso canale dalle nove e mezza l’Australia delle Vie dei Canti di Bruce Chatwin per Un mondo a colori, la poesia Se di Rudyard Kipling con Senza rete ed, infine, Indro Montanelli a colloquio con il pittore Renato Guttuso (se non sbaglio bagherese) per Incontri.

Tutto questo blocco anche dalle undici e mezza di sera.

16.01.10 – Asti ed Aosta con «Sereno variabile». La Valle di Cogne, in Valle D’Aosta, è il “centro” della puntata odierna di «Sereno variabile» di Osvaldo Bevilacqua, con Valnontey e gli sci, il parco del Gran Paradiso, il pane di Gimillan e la battaglia delle regine di Aosta.

Maria Teresa Giarratano e Trieste. Monica Rubele è, invece, andata in provincia di Asti, nell’enoteca del Castello di Moasca ed al museo delle contadinerie di Nizza Monferrato, mentre Maria Teresa Giarratano sul golfo di Trieste ed alla riserva marina di Miramare. E vi piacerà oggi lo spazio di Simona Giacomelli? Appuntamento fra un quarto d’ora, alle cinque e dieci, e vi ricordo i tag e/o le categorie sulla conduttrice Maria Teresa Giarratano, il programma ed altri argomenti. Forse molti di noi non sono stati in nessuno di questi posti…

07.01.10 – Pavese e Langhe. Io non conosco bene l’opera di Cesare Pavese perché ho letto poco i suoi libri. Ed, inoltre, – forse – può esserci utile il programma La selva delle lettere di Tv2000, curato dal regista cinematografico Pupi Avati. Il secondo documentario – già in onda stasera, giovedì sette gennaio, da circa un quarto d’ora e visibile fino alle nove – si occupa, infatti, di questo scrittore…

Si vedranno immagini delle Langhe piemontesi? E vi scrivo di questa regione e di questo scrittore dal punto di vista turistico?

Contadini nelle Langhe di Cesare Pavese

05.01.10 – Etna e Val d’Aosta. Il vostro bilancio delle degustazioni di Il re è crudo al Castello di Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, in provincia di Aosta? Come vi è sembrato il prosciutto crudo Jambon de Bosses? E vi scrivo di turismo in questa cittadina?

Sappiate anche che Raidue propone un documentario alle sei e venti della matitna di domani sulle grotte dell’Etna.

14.11.09 – Enologia. I vini catanesi dell’Etna sono alcuni dei protagonisti di Bellitalia di Raitre nella mattinata di sabato quattordici novembre, poco prima dell’una. Se ne è occupato il giornalista Nino Amante così come si parlerà del ghiacciaio di Chardonay (in Val d’Aosta?) e del vino Chianti associato al politico del passato Bettino Ricasoli. Una parte del programma dovrebbe andare in onda, inoltre, da Brolo (provincia di Messina).

Nel programma anche un servizio sul vino Barolo – dalle Langhe cuneesi? – con un altro politico del passato sicuramente ancor più famoso, Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour.  Eccovi, sparse nel testo, alcune foto che hanno a che fare con l’enologia.

– Un vigneto in Brasile

Hotel SPA do vinho Vila Europa

18.10.09 – Il prosciutto di… Torna Eat Parade su Raidue nella notte fra sabato diciassette e domenica diciotto ottobre. All’una e trentacinque e dopo la puntata di venerdì sui vini pugliesi, la cucina modenese ed il prosciutto di Sauris (dove?).

Precedentemente ci sarà Sì viaggiare un quarto d’ora prima, il quale due settimane fa era andato alla riserva naturale del lago di Campotosto, così come alle isole di Principessa e di San Biagio, a Capracotta, Carovili ed a Bugen (in Abruzzo, Lombardia, Molise e… dove l’ultima?).

Marrakech. Mizar, in onda quasi all’una di notte, si concentrerà nuovamente sulla cultura dopo una puntata su Enzo Jannacci, l’orchestra di Ambrogio Sparagna ed Ennio Morricone da Rimini, mentre Stella del Sud di Raiuno (tre e dieci del mattino) va in Marocco, a Marrakech.

Il Wwf

Domenica toccherà ai vini del Chianti, in Toscana, con Massimiliano Ossini, il vino Muffato, la cinta (che dovrebbe essere un animale senese) ed una collaboratrice del programma, Eva Crosetta, che si occupa di un’americana, Nora Kravis, e delle capre da cahemire.

Le isole Cook, Zanzibar e la Namibia. Il consueto Alle falde del Kilimangiaro (Raitre, dopo le tre del pomeriggio) sceglie questa volta le isole Cook, le rose del Kenya (con il direttore del mensile Altreconomia), lo Zanzibar e la Giordania, mete delle due coppie di viaggiatori, la Namibia con giovani diversamente abili ed, infine, Giovanni Floris, conduttore di Ballarò.

– Il programma di Licia Colò e Barcellona

– La Namibia

Viaggiando tv, infine, su 7 Gold alle sette del pomeriggio e chissà se si parlerà del Senegal… Ancor prima, alle sei, Sapori d’autore, già in Abruzzo con il Montepulciano (a quanto pare, a bacca rossa e della Val Peligna), e Sulmona con i confetti ed Ovidio. C’erano anche il vino Principe Serafino che prenderebbe il nome da un nobile della famiglia Porcia, la Villa San Carlo Borromeo ed il Castello di Porcia. Ed, infine, Caorle e la Chiesa della Madonna dell’angelo e Jesolo.

– Dov’è o cos’è Jaddico? Qui un vigneto

Jaddico il vigneto

30.07.09 Non so se lo sapevate (io no), ma è nato anche grazie alle società vitivinicole siciliane «Donnafugata» e «Tasca d’Almerita» il cosiddetto istituto «Grandi marchi». E perché ve lo dico? Perché ho saputo che una cassetta in legno di ciliegio con alcuni vini sarà donata ai grandi della Terra. Tutto qui…

Fra le altre ditte di «Grandi marchi» anche «Biondi Santi», «Michele Chiarlo», «Ambrogio e Giovanni Folonari», «Pio Cesare», «Tenuta San Guido», «Cà del bosco», «Umani Ronchi», «Carpenè Malvolti», «Lungarotti», «Masi», «Mastroberardino», «Alois Lageder», «Rivera», «Jermann» e «Marchesi Antinori».

– Uno dei numerosi vini

Un vino

17.11.08 Happy hour oggi con i vini di una marca palermitana in una «casa del vino» di via Libertà 92 a Palermo: si tratta di un syrah, un Nero d’Avola ed un catarratto.

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17 novembre ‘08 – aggiornato 3 aprile ‘10


Risparmio energetico (forse)?

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Michael Jackson, Tokio Hotel and more


Music, pop and MJ

Tokio Hotel and Beyoncé

Roger Hodgson – Breakfast in America.

09.06.10 – Norway. Oslo, Norway, for Roger Hodgson and his band on two days – Friday, June 11 – at the Norwegian Wood.

28.12.09 Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson on tour from April of the next year, as I have got to know from Indelibrella’s Indelibly Blogged.He will be in Australia – at the Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm at the Byron Bay Bluesfest on April 4, in Melbourne at the Palais Theatre on April 6, at the Enmore Theatre in Sidney on April 9 and at the Civic Theatre in Newcastle on April 11.  Will you vote him or them below? Please see also below to read more about Hodgson and there are also tags and categories.

05.11.09 TV listings for the UK. Today, Thursday November 5, Nothing But Hits on MTV Hits after 5 pm… At the same time The Official Top 10 Rock Chart on MTV Two and Never Mind the Classics on VH1 Classic (also at midnight). From 6 pm The Official UK Rock Top 10 on VH1 and from 7 pm the Official UK Top 40 on MTV Hits. There are also the Seventies at Seven and the Eighties at Eight followed at 9 pm by The Nineties at Nine and from this time the VH1’s Biggest Artists of All Time Top 20 on the well-known channel. But at this time there is also The Official UK Top 40 on MTV Hits.

Michael Jackson. From 10 pm The Official UK Top 20 on VH1, Michael Jackson: Human Nature on Mtv and Eighties Male Solo Artists: The 10 Biggest on VH1 Classic. But the most important music event in the night is on MTV from 10.30 pm. The MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) start at 10.30 pm, on MTV Hits at 11 pm and half an hour later on MTV Dance as well as at midnight on MTV Two.

Kings of Leon and more. There are also MTV Live on MTV Two with The Killers at 10.30 pm and half an hour later The Kings of Leon live at Roskilde or on VH1 Classic Home of the Eighties.

EMA, Tokio Hotel and… Best Rock: U2, Green Day, Kings of Leon, Linkin Park and Foo Fighters. Best Group: Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, Kings of Leon, Tokio Hotel and Jonas Brothers. And Robbie Williams will be one of the protagonists as well as Joss Stone presenter…

16.09.09 – Massive Attack. Will you be at the first date of the new Massive Attack’s tour? In London on Friday, September 17.

13.09.09 U2 will be on Thursday, 16 September, and on Friday, 17 September, at the Rogers Centre in Toronto with the Snow Patrol. And in the States… Please return to this text on Monday, September 20. I hope I will have updated this text.

Beyoncé – 13.09.09 Beyoncé will sing on Thursday, September 16, in Melbourne, Australia, at the Rod Laver Arena. And from Saturday, September 18… Please see this page again on that day and I hope you will see the text updated.

26.08.09 Madonna will be on Wednesday, August 26, at the Parc Izvor in Bucharest, Romania.

24.08.09 Madonna will sing on Monday August 24 at the USCE Park in Belgrade, Serbia.

22.08.09 The U2 will play and sing on Saturday 22 August at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff – Wales, Great Britain, UK – with Glasvegas and The Hours… Madonna will sing on the same night at the Kincsem Park in Budapest, Hungary.

18.08.09 – Simply Red and the U2. Mick Hucknall and Simply Red will be at The O2 in Dublin, Ireland, on Friday 21 August. At 6.30 pm – probably – and for 65,70 euros. U2 will be on Thursday 20 August at the Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield with the Elbow and The Hours. Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton will be on stage at 8.15 pm. Before them The Hours at 6 pm and the Elbow at 6.45 pm. Madonna had to sing on Thursday August 20 at the Hippodrome of Ljubljana, the capital of SloveniaHer concert has been cancelled

15.08.09 – U2 and Madonna. U2 will sing and play on Tuesday 18 August at Hampden Park in Glasgow – Scotland, Great Britain, UK – with an opening by the Glasvegas and The Hours. Madonna will be at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany.

12.08.09Simply Red, Madonna and the U2. Simply Red will be at the Newbury Racecourse in Newbury, UK, on Saturday 15 August. The U2 will play on Friday 14 August and on Saturday 15 August at the Wembley Stadium in London. There also will be the Elbow and The Hours on Friday and the Glasvegas and The Hours on Saturday.

Madonna will be on Saturday August 15 at Bemowo Airport in Warsaw and that is the problem… Will I write next about the protests?

10.08.09 Simply Red will play at the Parc des Expositions in Colmar, France, on Thursday 13 August… Will you be there? And will some of you go to Madonna’s concert on the same evening, but at the Chadov Natural Amphtheatre  in Prague? That is all for Czech Republic, but for all of you who live in Newbury, UK, or Poland… Please be patient and return again in the next days…

09.08.09 – Simply Red and Roger Hodgson. Simply Red will be at the Festival Rock Oz’Arènes in Avenches, Switzerland, on Wednesday 12 August at the Grande Scène. From 11 o’clock pm… Before them there will be Philipp Fankhauser from 7 o’ clock pm and Roger Hodgson – I do not know who they are – from 9 o’ clock pm. At the Scène Casino the singers or players are Eyoka from 8 o’clock pm, Carrousel from 10 o’clock pm and Theos Fried Chickenstore from 00.30 am.

Marylane will be at the 20 Minutes Live from 6.30 pm, Grandfey from 8.30 pm and Treekillaz from 10.30 pm. Obviously I do not know most of these musicians, singers and groups…

“Celebration” and “Revolver”. What do you think of the new singles by Madonna, “Celebration” and “Revolver”? Only a greatest hits apart them…

08.08.09 – Madonna. Obviously, there are Madonna‘s fans between you, Danes…. The pop singer will be on Tuesday, August 11, at the Parken of Copenhagen, in Denmark.

– Low cost tickets?!

U2’s book. Have you read “U2 by U2”, the interview of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr. with Daily Telegraph rock critic Neil McCormick? It was published by Harper Collins  from New York.

Do they “spearheaded political campaigns”? Do they have a “21st-Century resurgence”? Does the band show insight in the book?

– The Irish band “The Script”, the opening act for U2

– Do you prefer Kelly Clarkson or U2?

– U2 at The Brits of this year

– U2 Way?

– U2 and Live Nation

Simply Red

Simply Red will be on tour in four continents – Asia, Oceania, America and Europe – with dates in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and Moscow.

United Kingdom

Europe. Simply Red will be on tour in the UK in Scotland, Wales and Britain. In Scotland they will be in Glasgow (Braehead Arena, 24 March, and the Clyde Auditorium, 6 April). In Wales the only city will be Cardiff (Cardiff International Arena, 26 March).

In Britain they will also be in Sheffield (Sheffield Arena, 27 March), Birmingham (LG Arena, 28 March), and along the south coast in Bournemouth (Bournemouth International Centre, 30 March) and Brighton (Brighton Centre, 31 March), but also in the capital, London (the O2 Arena on April, 2 and 3), and in Manchester (M.E.N. Arena, 5 April). Other concerts will be held in Newcastle (Metro Radio Arena, 7 April), and Nottingham (Trent FM Arena, 9 April).

Another “group” of concerts will start on July 22 at the Sandown Park in Esher, UK. Liverpool will be covered three days later at the Liverpool Echo Arena for “Summer Pops”. Then the Newmarket Racecourse follows at Newmarket on July 31 and next month will start on the first day of August in London at the Kenwood House. One day later the Isle of Wight will follow at the Osborne House and August 15 will be another chance for their fans in Newbury for the same Course.

Belfast. They will also be in Northern Ireland in Belfast at the Odyssey Arena on August 22. What about Ireland? Dublin, The O2, on August 21…

Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand. Another continent that Mick Hucknall and the other musicians will visit will be the Oceania. In Australia they will be in Perth (Kings Park & Botanic Garden, 4 and 5 February), Barossa Valley (Peter Lehmann’s Winery, 7 February), Yarra Valley (Rocheford Winery, 8 February), Melbourne (Palais Theater, 10 and 11 February), Canberra (Royal Theatre, 17 February) and Sydney (Sydney Opera House, 18 and 19 February), but also Hunter Valley (Bimbadgen Estate, 21 February) and Brisbane (Sirromet Winery, Mount Cotton). The tour in this continent will go on in New Zealand in Taranaki (Bowl of Brooklands, 13 February), Napier (Church Road Vineyard, 14 February) and Auckland (Villa Maria Estate, 15 February).

Other dates – Europe, Italy and other countries

The date in Thailand will be at the Impact Arena of Bangkok on the 1st of February. They will also be in Northern Italy in Milan (Teatro degli Arcimboldi, 16 and 17 May), in Conegliano Veneto (Palasport, 19 May) and in Sarzana (Stadio Miro Luperi, Tuesday 11 August). The other dates will be in Chile (Vina del Mar Festival and Casino on 26 and 28 February at Vina del Mar, not very far from Valparaiso and Santiago), Belgium (at the Sportspaleis in Antwerp on April 18), Poland, Luxembourg (Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette on April 19), France and other countries. In the Netherlands Mick Hucknall and the other musicians will be in Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall on April 22 and in Denmark at the Forum of Horsens two days later. Then they will go more northern to Sweden for a concert at the Annex of Stockholm and to Finland at the Hartwall of Helsinki respectively on April 26 and 28. The last date of April will be in very East Europe at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow on April 30.

Amy Macdonald

She will play on 11th August 2009 in Colmar, France, at the Festival La Foire aux Vins de Colmar…

20.07.09 Amy Macdonald will sing in Switzerland at Nyon on July 23 at the “Paleo Festival”, then in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, on July 31 at the “Grona Lund”. There will be another date in Sweden at Ostersund on August the 1st for the Ostersund Storsjoran.

Eric Bogle, John Munro and Scotland. Eric Bogle and John Munro at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow, Scotland, on Monday, 1st September. Frankly I do not know who he is, but surely you are more expert on music than me. For the “Fruitmarket Folk” during “The Waltzing Matilda No More Tour” at 8pm. How much does the concert cost? Fifteen pounds…

– Which is your best song? – A poll of mine

– Your favourite travel destination (please vote)

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British gay men, hammams and the chicken e-mail

BBC Asian Network


A Saag chicken recipe from India. For an Asian “lunch” please see also below.

BBC Two’s Great British Menu. Great British Menu on BBC Two. A video playlist of mine about food.

Asian Music. Bheegi Si Bhaag Si by Raajneeti – listen. I can’t stand it any more. And you?

Gay men in the UK. Robin McKie, science editor for the Observer, writes about the new surrogacy law in the UK that eases gay men to become legal parents.

BBC Asian Network. Maybe these other posts could be interesting for you: Mela in Glasgow and the web, bananas from Bengali, chicken and mayo, the UK, bhangra and Luxembourg, Water, Gorillaz, P!nk and Love Bollywood, Kama Sutra, sexy films and Aku.


Dave Grohl and… Foo Fighters studio plans. Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music and the Australian solo artist Sarah Blasko. Laureen Laverne is on air weekdays from 10 am to 1 pm on Freeview and Freesat 707, DAB digital radio and online. Have an excellent lunch with her or them or follow her on Twitter

– Stephen ‘Scissor Hands’ Merchant

Homosexuals and lunch. Asian Network Reports with Rozina Sini weekdays from 12:30 to 1 pm and from 6 to 6:30 pm. Have an excellent Asian lunch – or with news from an Asian point of view – with her….

Yorkshire. Racism problems and gay Asians in Yorkshire.

UK Asians ask BBC to save Asian Network. Singer Jay Sean and closure plans of this radio station.

– Tommy Sandhu and bhangra by Pudsey.

Pink. She performs I Don’t Believe You from her CD Funhouse at The Oprah Winfrey Show (video).

Bruce Cockburn and Canada. Bruce Cockburn’s guitar lesson for CBC Radio 2, a Canadian radio station. He plays country music and If I Had A Rocket Launcher.

Schedule by this channel includes also Radio 2 Drive and Tonic.

It’s the UK’s capital… Hammams in “Paul’s Travel Blog” and World Travel Market in London. Your favourite travel destination? Please see at the end of this text.

And have you seen Andrew Earnes’ list of the world’s top five train journeys for The Observer? There is a photo of the Bernina Express in Switzerland and first and second connections are the Trans-Siberian Express and the Caledonian Sleeper (in the UK, from London Euston). The shown links lead to the websites of Poezda, GW Travel, Great Rail Journeys and ScotRail, but I would ask you whether you travel by train and how much you do it.

– Queen Elizabeth II travelling from London King’s Cross –  an article by Helen Pidd and photos for The Guardian. I have known fom this article the Queen travelled to King’s Lynn and Sandringham and in the past to Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire and Milton Keynes.

Morrisey, music and a Sunday paper. Morrissey and The Observer. Would you like to vote him below?

Novels, Pinocchio and literature. Pinocchio will also be broadcasted on tv in some English-speaking country as well as in Italy. Or maybe it has already been broadcasted… And where?

Robinson Crusoe and Alice in Wonderland. I found that the producer is Power, a British corporation that has also produced Alice, Alice in Wonderland, Crusoe and A Bear Named Winnie. Flood on ITV1 last year and London… Like the Maldives – ehm, unprobably, we hope – in some years…

Pink, Dave Grohl, Bon Jovi and… What’s on in UK‘s television on Monday, November 1st? You may see Discovery Travel & Living with Virgin Media and BT Vision…If you like pop music, you may see – with Virgin Media – Pink: Greatest Hits on VH1 at 9 pm, followed by Pink: Essential an hour later. There are also Pink: 10 Biggest Hits on MTV Hits at 8 pm and the Official UK Top 40 an hour later, Dave Grohl – The Official All Time Top 40 at 8 pm on MTV Two, The Seventies at Seven at 7 pm on VH1 Classic and, after it,  The Eighties at Eight one hour later, All Time Top 10 Videos two hour later and Bon Jovi: Unplugged three hours later.

Duran Duran. In the USA there is Duran Duran Live at Wembley Arena on VH1 Classic at 4 pm (EST).

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Vanilla icecream, Vanilla Toffee Crunch and Chunky Monkey

Vanilla Bean, Strawberries & Cream, Double Chocolate, Mango & Passion Fruit Madness, Lemon Meringue, Cappuccino and Sticky Toffee Fudge

Mango & Banana Smoothie, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie, Frozen Yogurt, Cappuccino and Chocolate Icecream

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