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Music, pop, Britney Spears and MJ

The chimpanzee Bubbles, who knew Michael Jackson, and his sister La Toya Jackson. Please watch this video or read this page or this other page.

One year from his death. Michael Jackson anniversary.

MJ and Britney Spears. A piece of news of last December about Michael Jackson. He topped Internet searches last year and bumped “Britney Spears from the top spot” on a search engine. Completely sure, I would say. It is true, at least about topping…

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Do you know BBC Asian Network and 6 Music? Here there are playlists of mine about the first and second radio stations.

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Music. A playlist of mine.

Below some words about something different – rainforests, palm oil and orangutans.

Rainforests and palm oil. The orang-utan, rainforests and palm oil. Is this true?

Orangutans. What the Orangutan Land Trust should do.

Sunday March 28, 2010

updated on Wednesday June 23, 2010


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