Easter crafts, baskets and eggs



How to make Easter eggs with fruit and vegetable dyes. With frozen blueberries, red cabbage, grape juice, beets, frozen berries, or cranberry juice, turmeric, spinach, orange juice, tea or coffee grounds.

How to dye Easter eggs: brewed coffee, blueberries, yellow onion skins, beet juice, cranberry juice, paprika, turmeric, purple grape juice, red cabbage, spinach or grass and red wine.

Easter egg decorating ideas: bluebird egg, you name it eggs, lazy daisy eggs, the perfect pair, speckled eggs, zoo-egg-ology, preppy eggs, bling bling eggs and have a nice day eggs.

Easter crafts such as bloomin’ baskets and more or Easter baskets. More about Easter here, here and here and the same post here.

Monday April 18, 2011



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