Michael Jackson’s mum, Shakira, George Michael and Coldplay


Music, pop and MJ

Please read always and carefully the contract or end user licence agreement before downloading music.

Please be careful before downloading music. Sometimes you can’t play a song you legally downloaded on all your equipment.

– Your favourite travel destination – A poll

– Which is your best song? – A poll of mine

Vanilla icecream, Vanilla Toffee Crunch and Chunky Monkey

Vanilla Bean, Strawberries & Cream, Double Chocolate, Mango & Passion Fruit Madness, Lemon Meringue, Cappuccino and Sticky Toffee Fudge

Mango & Banana Smoothie, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie, Frozen Yogurt, Cappuccino and Chocolate Icecream

Shakira’s video and interviews. Will you see or have you already seen the video of Shakira’s Give It Up To Me with Lil Wayne? At 3pm on Monday, November 16th, abd there is also an interview with Carolina Bermudez from Z100 in New York on Facebook.

Another interview – this time by the British newspaper The Observer – is here where she speaks of Luciano Pavarotti and her albums. Is she wrong maybe about “Dark Ages” and politicians?

MJ. BBC’s Asian Network Reports with Rozina Sini and Michael Jackson’s mom – please listen to this programme’s episode.

New votes or texts? Please get to know about it through my profiles in PlurkI Like, Bebo, Friendfeed, Twitter and Facebook. And do you listen to BBC Asian Network (videos)?

No sound for Asian Britain? Save the BBC Asian Network! From a blog and a deejay:

Trust has received 1000 complaints to keep Asian Network open. This is ridiculous. The station is key to the Asian music scene.  Seems apathy has reared its ugly head in regards to Save BBC Asian Network. Come on everyone, we can do better than 1000 complaints. EMAIL srconsultation@bbc.co.uk NOW to Save BBC Asian Network. Just be honest. Keep it simple or state your reasons for not closing it down.

26.08.09 – David Guetta and the UK. David Guetta will be on Saturday, August 29, at the Festival SW4 in Londres (UK). Guetta will also be in the same day at the Festival Creamfields in Cheschire (UK). On Sunday, August 30, there also will be Leeds for Guetta at the Kissdafunk.

The States and the Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode will be on Tuesday, September 1st, in Atlanta, at the Lakewood Amphitheater. Who will be the other musicians that night? Peter Bjorn and John…

29.08.09 Depeche Mode will be on Saturday, August 29th, in Dallas, Texas, at the Superpages. As in other dates, there will also be Peter Bjorn and John. On Sunday, August 30th, they will also sing in another important city of this state, Houston, at the Woodlands Pavilion. And next month other concerts in the States. Please be patient and return to this page on September, 1st…

25.08.09 Depeche Mode will play on Tuesday, August 25th, in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the E Center. Before them there also will be Peter Bjorn and John. Denver for them on August, 27th…

Coldplay, The Netherlands and UK. Coldplay will be on Thursday, September 10, in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and on Saturday, September 12, in Manchester, UK.

Sweden. Coldplay will be on Saturday August 22 in Stockholm, Sweden, from 5 pm at the local Stadion…

Television – The a-ha. Will you see a-ha’s concert with Simple Minds in Neuwied, Germany? In television at ARTE at 10:45 pm on Saturday August 22.

In London… The a-ha, the pop group, at The Roundhouse in LondonCamden’s venue – at the iTunes Live Festival on Friday, July 24. They will play after 6 pm and the Reamonn will also be on stage…

– Shakira’s new single, “She Wolf”

Interested at music by George Michael and the Coldplay? You may download for free George Michael’s new single “December Song”, but only till midnight of today, December 26. More time to download a remix of Coldplay’s success “Viva la Vida” till January the 5th.

Chevelle. Chevelle will be on Sunday, August 30, in Pennsylvania at the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing. On Monday, August 31, she will be at the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction, Vermont.

25.08.09 Do you know who Chevelle is? A singer, probably… She will be on Tuesday, August 25, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Amphitheatre at Station Square.

Mudvayne. Mudvayne will be on Tuesday, September 1, in San Diego, California, at the Sports Arena.

28.08.09 Mudvayne will play in California – on Friday, August 28, in San Jose, California, at the San Jose Civic Auditorium and on Saturday, August 29, in Bakersfield at the Rabobank Arena. And on September 1st… Please be patient and read again this page on that day…

25.08.09 Why this name of the group or singer? On Tuesday, August 25, Mudvayne will be  in Eugene, Oregon, at the Cuthbert Amphiteatre.

The EELS. Songs free by the EELS…

Opera, an European browser, and Mozilla, Linux and Apple

Spreadthesign, the sign language dictionary. European Commission – Education & Training

Friday December 26, 2008

updated on Saturday September 18, 2010


Does this search engine save watts/hour?

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