Vienna and swine flu in Italy, the UK, Ireland and Sweden


International AIDS conference in Vienna, Austria.

Doctors. All right with mistakes by doctors? And why don’t science students become scientists?

Europe. The Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology Conference is an occasion to learn some words like EPIET, the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training, EAN, the EPIET Alumni network, FETP, Field Epidemiology Training Program, and EACCME, the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

Stockholm. The conference will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, from Monday October 26 to Wednesday October 28 and I would ask you whether you know professor Johan Giesecke, Chief Scientist at ECDC, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Surely, the influenza A (H1N1) will be the most discussed topic there, won’t it? And what does CME stand for in CME credits? What about ESCAIDE?

16.10.09 Is everything correct about “3 ways a sneeze spreads the flu“?

10.09.2009 “Extra precautions” when travelling from Italy to the UK and more news from China and Cuba…

North Europe. Sweden, footballers and swine flu.

Vitamin D. Is it correct to wash your hands right, get plenty of sleep and think about vitamin D? Where could we find vitamin D?

Parents. Maybe it is also a problem for both parents… Maybe you agree with this question-opinion according to which “Why it will be no holiday for single parents if a child is hit by swine flu?”. Or maybe you do not. Who knows…

But let’s return to swine flu and poorer countries… This is a comment that is interesting in my opinion. «While, to a citizen of the rich EU, – we may read – swine flu might be “less than a regular flu”, for somebody with no access to modern hospitals, Tamiflu and vaccines, and whose basic health is already not so good, this might be a nightmare (Question of the week: Should people travel abroad and risk the spread of swine flu to unaffected areas?)». And: “Of course the travel industry will support travel – they get most of the profits, not the local people”.

Africa. It is very important, in my opinion, not to go and “stop doing charity work” and charity trips in Africa to avoid swine flu spreads even there. And do you agree with Professor Robert Dingwall, a member of the Department of Health’s committee on ethical aspects of pandemic influenza, expressed in The Observer? Or do you agree with the so-called Year Out Group and Richard Oliver, its chief executive, or Steve Holt of Worldwide Experience and Catherine Raynor of VSO? The online version of the newspaper sums up – with Denis Campbell, its health correspondent – the situation in Britain and writes about Kenya and some Nottingham University students or World Health Organisation.

UK. Swine flu has caused terrible consequences in the UK. “The death toll – Denis Campbell has written for The Guardian – has reached 16, the latest being six-year-old schoolgirl Chloe Buckley from north-west London”. As for London, The Guardian adds some lines later: “Hospitals in swine flu hotspots such as London and the West Midlands which could become overwhelmed by the number of patients also have plans to transfer some to other hospitals which could be 10 or 20 miles away”.

Ireland. Changes will take place in Ireland, as Eithne Donnellan reported in the Irish Times on July 10. “Latest figures – she summed up – show 11 further cases of swine flu were confirmed here yesterday including three further cases of the virus being transmitted within the country, bringing the total number of cases confirmed to date to 104”. And some lines later she adds: “Of the 104 cases confirmed just four were aged over 65 years”.

The Guardian. Swine flu concerned the G8 summit. The senior climate change adviser, Michael Jacobs, “followed negotiations by phone”, as  Patrick Wintour writes for the Guardian. Jacobs “was banned from attending the G8 summit in Italy for fear he would pass the contagious disease to Barack Obama and other world leaders” after having contracted the disease during climate change talks in Mexico.

Europe and more. A need for vigilance? And what about Mexico, Spain, Egypt, China and Honk Kong if we talk about swine flu? And the flu’s changes widens the discussion to viruses as well as the total cases of swine flu in the UK let the British think of possible mutations of the virus or a possbile new outbreak during the cold season. And London is affected by the cases and the swine flu has been confirmed in Ireland.

Much more about the subject is the EU health commissioner who said that suspected cases were being investigated in some countries – Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Greece and the Czech Republic – or cases around the world in countries like the USA, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Or if you would like to get some deeper information about Italy’s confirming its first case, then you could go to this page about a case in the town of Massa.

Influenza pandemic activities. Will you attend the media workshop of the EMeA (European Medicines Agency) in London on Thursday, 10 September? Have you arrived there from London City Airport, Heathrow airport, Gatwick, Standsted or from St Pancrass International by Eurostar? And are you interested in advanced therapy medicinal products, international cooperation or safety of medicines and clinical trials in third countries? Or maybe in paediatric legislation, methodologies for the assessment of benefits and risks of medicines? And influenza pandemic activities? This regulatory environment for medicines in Europe…

Music. Robbie Williams returns… “To slave over a record and not get the reaction you hoped for must be a terrible disappointment. But with some stars – pop musicians and actors being the worst – any passing comment other than World-Rogering Work of Genius is akin to lying in wait for their kids with a water pistol full of swine flu“.

Swine flu and the EU

The author Fay Weldon and swine flu

– Help EU and the UK, smoking, tobacco and cigarettes. Help EU, Ireland in English, Cyprus and Malta in English


Monday May 4, 2009

updated on Wednesday March 24, 2010


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