Womad and the UK, India and Iran


From the music world, Djeli-Kan in Slovenia in Murska Sobota on Saturday, August 1, and in Bled on Sunday, August 2.

– – –

From traditional music to world music in this text. Alistair Anderson on concertina and the guitarist Martin Simpson at the Kings Place in London are a suggestion for you.  And much more here like an internet page by the guitarist Victor Herrero and an article by the Spanish newspaper El Pais about the Cuban player Compay Segundo. The inspiration includes a catalogue of Arvo Pärt’s work too and the website of the composer Jeremy Birchall as well as one of This is London’s CDs of the week, Introducing, by the Perunika Trio (Eugenia Georgieva, Victoria Mancheva and Victoria Evstatieva).

– Cuban “son” music – three tracks from a cd by “Putumayo” that can be listened to for free:

1. Los Guaracheros de Oriente – “Patria Querida”,

2. Niño Torrente and Son de Hoy – “El Son Te Llama”,

3. Afro-Cuban Jazz Project – Campiña

What do you think of the Baltic Crossing, here playing a song, Space Cowboys? Are they very good, aren’t they?

Do you know Shahid Ali Khan’s Indian music or Staff Benda Bilili’s African sounds?

Anglo-Bulgarian music is a possibility as well as Iranian music by Ramin Rahimi & Tapesh with Iranian Percussion or also British sounds by The  Chuckerbutty Ocarina Quartet based in Cambridge.

The Italian musician Antonio Forcione and his colleagues Trilok Gurtu and Ronu Majumdar at a Womad 2002.

Vieux Farka Toure

When will the next Womad concerts take place at Charlton Park in Malmesbury, Wiltshire? From 24th to 26th July.  For our non-British readers I must add that Charlton Park and Wiltshire are places west from London and not very far from Wales, Coventry, Bath, Bristol and Swindon. The next train stations to Malmesbury are Chippenham, Kemble and First Great Western with Chippenham about one hour far from London Paddington, a little more for Kemble and about two hours for First Great Western from London Euston.
First of all I would like to reach for a dictionary for you after I read the word “quintessential” defining this festival in its newsletter. I wondered what this word means, looked up the word “quintessence” and found the meanings “the essential part of a theory, speech, condition, etc.” and “the perfect example of a quality”.
Secondly, I already knew of Bbc’s presence at Womad and learnt of Radio Womad and these are Bbc’s programmes about the 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions…

– – –

David Thomas Broughton will play at Lunar Society in Birmingham. With him also the group She Keeps Bees and Tom Peel on Friday 7th August. Doors open at 8pm and the ticket costs five pounds.

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Tuesday February 3, 2009

updated on Thursday August 6, 2009

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